Funny news photo from 2004

This is a few years old, but I just saw it on




  1. Cigarette smoking is an addiction.
    The majority of smokers are people who want
    to quit but can’t.

    I don’t know anyone addicted to the sound
    of jackhammers.

  2. This really belongs in the National Lampoon’s Big Book of True Facts. Freaking BRILLIANT. Well, you know, not the pregnant woman featured…clearly she’s not brilliant. I just mean the juxtaposition of the…oh, forget it, I can’t be philosophical this morning without more coffee. What I mean to say is – it’s funny.

  3. @JUNE –

    i’m gonna have to play p.c. cop here and point out the obvious… “white trash” is a racist and classist term. the modifier “white” is added on to trash, which is to say that “trash” wouldly black and poor, or maybe just poor (the reason being that whiteness isn’t normally associated with “trash”)

    either way, i think you really mean “making fun of idiots never gets old,” which is elitist, but less offensive, or “making fun of ignorant white people and their particular style of ignorant expression never gets old,” which is different but less offensive. on some level i agree with the sentiment (think the anti-anti-war protesters who’s signs said “get a brain morans” and “war=peece”) but i don’t think their is anything “trashy” about black people or anything wrong with poor people.

    i’m just sayin… language has powerful effects.

  4. gr tht wht trsh s rcst trm, bt y’ll jst s sn gt sm blck ppl t stp sng th N wrd s y wll gt wht ppl t stp sng ‘wht trsh’

    hnstly nvr thnk twc whn sy wht trsh. bt ts my rts.

  5. I always thought that women should be arrested for smoking while pregnant. The child should be taken away immediately after being born since it is obvious that the mother does not know how to properly take care of the poor thing.

  6. #8: I don’t think ‘wht trsh’ was a comment on her socio-economic status. Look at her neighbourhood, those houses in the background don’t look poor to me.
    thnk f th PC mvmnt wnts t b tkn srsly t shldn’t cry wlf s mch. Here’s the problem with what you said: You can call her an idiot, which can be defined a person of profound mental retardation, but if I say that a person is ‘mentally retarded’ and they actually are, 5 to 10 PC cops will be on me telling me that the term is ‘differently abled’. Since we are all ‘differently abled’ that term doesn’t mean anything! So whl bng PC you can insult someone by using a synonym to ‘profound mental retardation’, but I can’t use the term mentally retarded to describe someone who actually is. And with any luck, people won’t have to use any of those terms to describe that lady’s baby.

  7. I agree that people go overboard with language sensitization, but there has to be some accommodation when language use of specific terms that are meant to be descriptive only, come to mean pejorative only. People first language is a good example of practice. I would have no qualms with referring to someone who has mental retardation as an individual with mental retardation. You would not point to someone and say that’s a cancerous person, no, that’s a person who has cancer. A person is not their aliment, their aliment is part of the person, but just a part. That applies to any descriptor really, not just aliments.

    Having said all of that I too have used the term “wht trsh”, (and probably shouldn’t really) but I was not trying to implicate that to be trash is to be black by default. If I say kiss my skinny white ass, that is not to infer that skinny and white deferential my ass from all other asses which are fat and non-white. As long as it is not applied to a phenotype across the board I wouldn’t have any qualms with the term blck trsh… well lets just say a lot fewer qualms about it then the nefarious, “nggr” word, which has so many hideous undertones to it I’m not entirely sure what to think of it’s usage in elements of black culture.

  8. @davidtroyer

    “can we say photoshop?”

    Well I can, I don’t know about you.

    Can you say “follow the links in comments #3 and #11 “?

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