The art of Kevin Mack


Kevin Mack is a special effects genius that I profiled in Wired in 1999. He's also an excellent artist.

Mack's work is the result of ongoing research in a wide range of fields from the mathematics of complexity to neuroscience and human perception. His work in artificial life and rule based systems, used on What Dreams May Come and Fight Club, inspired the development of tissue simulation software that is now being used for virtual stem cell research. In 2006, Mack received the title of Honorary Neuroscientist, from UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine, for his lectures there on perception, visualization and creativity.


  1. I wonder if he uses some type of computer program to do this. It almost looks a photo through warped glass.


  2. Yes, he uses a computer driven algorithm. Beautiful or not, nearly US$3000 for a print canvas doesn’t really make it particularly appealing.

  3. Great details in layers, and vibrant colors add to the movement in his work that some how gives me a creepy feel…. in a good way though.

    My only problem with the above example is I am terrified if I un-swirled the elements I might just have pedophiles staring back at me ;)

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