Two-Hulk Halloween


Hulk smash puny trick-or-treaters!

Alek says:

After wasps and bats, I thought you might get a chuckle out of this. A guy was selling a giant Hulk inflatable on eBay and asked permission to use the images from my site. After thanking him for being polite enough to ask (my stuff is scraped all the time), we chatted a bit and I ended up buying it. The shipping cost was half of the sale price! So Hulk's long-lost twin brother is up for Halloween.
While the Hulk Brothers aren't controllable, everything else on the crazy Halloween display is using X10 powerline control technology ... plus there are three live webcams to keep an eye on all of the action.

While the site is totally free, over $18,000 has been raised via voluntary contributions for Celiac Research at the University of Maryland.

Alek's sons have celiac disease (a gluten intollerance), so consider donating a few bucks to help find a cure so when they grow up, they can go out for a beer and pizza with their old man. Link