Chocolate Santa holding a tree or sex toy?

200711051135 Some people think this chocolate Santa from Peter Paul Chocolates is not holding a tree, but a sex toy. Link

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  1. No goading of my imagination could torture only the object which Santa is holding into aught of the phallic anymore than it could if the Santa in question were holding an insurance policy.

    See, the entirety of the chocolate sculpture is meant to be thought of as a sex toy. What you refer to as the “Christmas tree” would be inserted in to the vagina while Santa’s head would stimulate the clitoris. I mean, isn’t that perfectly obvious? It couldn’t be actually used for this purpose, of course, but this is clearly what it is meant to suggest. Then again, who knows? Such things are always worth a try.

    I jest, of course. In reality this chocolate Santa has a deeper, hidden meaning meant to be something of a cynical yet clever commentary on Christmas. Allow me to explain…

    It is a well known fact that even the most talented lover is incapable of inducing the same intense levels of pleasure that phallic prosthetics meant to be represented by the chocolate Santa can.

    Chocolate is something that is known to stimulate sexual desire in females. So by consuming the chocolate phallus your lover thus ensures that she will be unable to fully gratify the desire which it stimulated. This will lead to the exact same feelings of frustration, disappointment and depression that Christmas will usually cause after it is over and we are done consuming all of the things which made it possible in the first place.

  2. It actually is a buttplug that santa is holding. The piece is by artist Paul McCarthy and these chocolate sculptures are actually based on a much bigger bronze sculpture he made previously. He’s setting up a chocolate factory at the Maccarone Gallery in Manhattan where he’s selling them for $100 each. The gallery had to undergo a complete overhaul of its plumbing, electrical wiring and ventilation to meet New York City’s factory code. Master chocolatier Peter P. Grewelling is overseeing the production.

  3. This is what’s locally called “Kabouter Buttplug” (roughly translates as “The Buttplug Gnome”) (pic here, modeled after the larger than life statue by Paul McCarthy.

    The statue is now standing in the courtyard of the Boymans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where it was moved after it proved to be too controversial (even here!) to be placed in a public square.

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