Demented Barbie in Carbonite sculpture


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  1. TownHallCoffee says:

    This would be even more awesome if it were 6 feet tall and she had that tormented look frozen on her face. I’d buy it in a minute!

  2. OM says:

    ..I’m kind of surprised we haven’t seen more carbonite sculptures like this, featuring famous people and icons getting the Han Solo treatment. I can see some really cool art coming out of that concept. Imagine the following getting frozen in their most famous poses:

    * Hitler
    * Marilyn Monroe
    * John Travolta as Tony Manero in his SNF pose!
    * Fat Albert
    * A certain congressman doing his “toe tap shuffle”
    * Wolverine
    * The Three Stooges
    * Elvis Presley on Ed Sullivan

  3. glace neuf says:

    Well, this is certainly a step up from this:

  4. moofie says:

    Um, why does Barbie have a package? That ain’t right…

  5. Bonnie says:

    Ken: “Barbie, I love you!”
    Barbie: “I know…”

  6. Brady says:

    Hope they have good luck with Mattel on this one. They sue everybody who uses the image or name of Barbie. Damn, I just did it now!

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