Scary MBR-nuking program inspired by XKCD geeky webcomic

Dustin sez, "After reading Friday's XKCD (#340) [Ed note: in which the punchline involves a love-letter written to the narrator's master boot record], I was inspired to write a program that does exactly that -- it writes a 'love note' to your computers MBR, except in a neat twist it displays the 'love note' on bootup. There is a screenshot. There is also a quiz to determine whether or not you're qualified to actually install the program." Link (Thanks, Dustin!)

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  1. xkcd has obtained true world dominating power. he merely needs to draw his wishes, and eventually some grunt in his loyal anarchist army will make it come true.

    all hail the merciful xkcd.

  2. There’s some even better ones based on the concept of “roses are blue…” Search for “roses are” and you’ll see. Keep in mind that it’s bash, though, so if you’re at work, you might not want to do that.

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