HOTELITOR, the combat mech/service workers sci-fi adventure you didn't know you needed

Anna Green is an 18-year-old hospitality intern just trying to keep her head down and do the job at her first hotel gig. That job is on HOTELITOR, a "luxury class defense and hospitality unit" parked inside of a "retail and leisure" space colony. Little does Anna know but her brain-numbing world of package delivery, toilet paper restocking, and setting up guest room TVs is about to be blown into deep space. Literally.

When a giant alien monster attacks the colony and HOTELITOR goes into full combat mech mode, the surviving crew and passengers find themselves floating through unknown space. The inhabitants of the mech/hotel quickly form into factions (e.g. the crew, wealthy, entitled VIPs, a cult that forms around the hotel's lounge singer) as they all try and figure out how to survive and what to do next. Such is the madcap fun and social satire in Josh Hicks's young adult graphic novel, HOTELITOR, on sale May 7.

"HOTELITOR is super influenced by classic mecha manga like Mazinger Z and tokusatsu media like Ultraman and Godzilla, but it's also informed by my own history of bad temp jobs and student work placement debacles," said creator Josh Hicks. "It's a very silly book about a giant robot hotel, but it's also essentially a power fantasy about low-level service workers getting to punch out their boss with a robot and redefining their relationship to labor by flying off into space. Basically, it's high literature."

Above is the pitch-perfect 8-bitty trailer for the book that our friends at Superfan Promotions shared exclusively with Boing Boing. If this trailer tickles your tentacles, you'll get a huge "mech jet-foot to the booty" kick out of HOTELITOR.