Steampunk iPod skin


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  1. andrewscarff says:

    I have a skin similar to this, I got it from

  2. mattyd says:

    IF I owned am iPod I would want one like this. Love Steampunk.

  3. gruben says:

    Hnstly…sn’t ths stmpnk stff gttng bt ld by nw? Y gys pst ths thngs vry thr dy.

  4. Cory Doctorow says:

    Honestly? No. The fact that we post about it every other day probably tells you something about how we feel about it. If you don’t like the flavor of the free ice cream…

  5. Joffrey says:

    It’s a bit weird but it looks nice if you don’t want someone steals your iPod. =)

  6. Silva says:

    Good idea, but the lack (?) of customizable interface skins in the iPod makes it… weird to look at. The regular Apple glossy interface goes poorly with the rest.

    And like #7, this struck more closer to Fallout than Steampunk.

  7. Practical Archivist says:

    The gears are wicked cool, but I’m with jimh (#2) and would prefer something with mahogany, a bit of polished brass, and a Victrola horn. Mmmmm. Dreamy.

    When I had to restore my ipod to the original settings last week I renamed it Portable Victrola. It made me absurdly happy, and I’m still smiling about it.

  8. TheFirstMan says:

    Yes. This is more of a “fallout” themed ipod.

  9. Rider says:

    14.95 for an iPOd skin, it’s nice but not that nice.

  10. TheFirstMan says:

    You know, all this steampunk stuff always reminds me of this.

    I guess in times of mysterious magic blackbox objects like ipods and networks, it’s nice to imagine the mechanism, even if it’s only an aesthetic imagining.

    But shouldn’t a ‘steampunk’ ipod have many more gears and and springs and whatnot? I mean….it seems pretty minimal in there.

  11. Doctor Grymm says:

    Perhaps this is more what you folks were looking for in a Steampunk iPod?

    ~Doctor Grymm

  12. weatherman says:

    I like the steampunk aesthetic as much as any person, but this jump-the-shark material.

  13. jimh says:

    Not that this isn’t a wonderful thing, but it’s not my favorite. It leans a little too far in the direction of tin-toy industrial decay for my taste. I prefer the overcomplicated and ornately ur-victorian. The out of period stencil typeface is definitely a sore thumb in this case. (“Case”. You see what I did there?)

    I suppose it means I will now have to go forth and produce a superior version of a sublimating orchestripod housing.

  14. Takuan says:

    nice! Dr. Grymmm has the right idea!

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