Equation Bookshelf with nesting parens


6 Responses to “Equation Bookshelf with nesting parens”

  1. devoinregress says:

    Amazing! I want one! but where can I get one?

    Works great in Safar 3 w/ Webkit. Safari 2 is not so good.

    ..then i tried it in IE6 for laughs.

  2. Thorzdad says:

    Cool bookshelf.
    And, yeah, that website crashes the heck out of Safari for me.

  3. barraGOUDA says:

    That site doesn’t even work that well in Firefox, the suggested browser. Anyway, looks like it’s currently all conceptual, but we can hope!

  4. zzatz says:

    Divide by Zero Error encountered on Wall.

  5. Neuron says:

    If there’s one with just ()s, I’ll bet Shrdlu buys one.

  6. Anonymous says:

    tarn those blasted Flash blobs

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