Taxpayers to cover $138.7 million bill for FBI's negligence in Nassar sex abuse case

When the FBI screws up, the taxpayer gets punished. The time the feebs spectacularly failed to protect dozens of young athletes from sex predator Larry Nassar.

The FBI had credible allegations about Nassar's predatory behavior way back in 2015, but those highly skilled investigators must have been too busy poring over Hillary Clinton's emails to do anything about it. Their inaction allowed Nassar to continue preying on vulnerable young women and girls for over a year.

As reported in AP:

The Justice Department has acknowledged that it failed to step in. For more than a year, FBI agents in Indianapolis and Los Angeles had knowledge of allegations against him but apparently took no action, an internal investigation found.

Now, to make amends for their colossal screw-up, the Justice Department has agreed to make innocent US taxpayers shell out $138.7 million to the survivors. To be clear, Nassar's victims deserve the money, and it's a small price to pay to try and make amends for the incredible trauma inflicted on these young women by not just Nassar, but the very institutions meant to protect them.

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