A jealous husky hilariously glares when his border collie girlfriend ignores him for a golden retriever (video)

A husky named Levi thought things were going swimmingly with his girlfriend, a charming border collie. But when she met his best friend Arlo, a golden retriever, everything changed.

"Ellie immediately took a liking to Arlo," explains Levi's human in a TikTok video that shows Levi glaring as the other two doggos giddily flirt with each other.

"So he went and sat in the shade all by himself and just watched from a distance as their relationship blossomed right in front of his eyes," she said, showing the brooding pooch scowling in the shadows.

The TikToker explains that, "to be fair, Ellie and Arlo have similar interests," such as playing fetch, which Levi does not enjoy.

"He honestly just watched with glaring eyes while Arlo basically stole his girlfriend," she said, documenting the whole one-day affair. And although Ellie did try to patch things up with Levi, tearing herself away from Arlo to show the husky she still wanted to be friends, it was too late. The damage had been done, and all Levi could offer her was a cold shoulder. (See it all on video below, posted by levithehusky.)

But there's always hope, his human says, that the jealous pup will cool off and let bygones be bygones before his next visit to see Ellie.

Via ParadePets
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