Rudy Giuliani 9/11 Remix Contest (mp3)

200711211053 WFMU is holding a contest to turn this MP3 file of Rudy Giuliani saying "September eleventh" dozens of times into music. Link


  1. This should be fun for Paul Hardcastle wannabees.

    Before, the most important date for presidential candidates was November.
    Now it’s nineleven
    ninininine eleven

  2. Hey Rudy, 9/11 is over with. What we need is a president for 9/12 and beyond. You could start with a little assistance for all those people who breathed that lethal combo of vaporized computers, cement dust and who knows what else who were deemed heros at the time, but are dying in destitution now. I know we cannot do everything for everyone who was affected by that blip in time, but at least show us some compassionate conservativism. We’d like to know what it looks like.

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