Robot controlled by moth brain

Scientists at the University of Arizona researchers built a robot that's guided by a moth's brain impules.
200711230905 The moth is immobilize inside a plastic tube mounted atop the 6-inch-tall wheeled robot. To get the moth to imitate flight, [professor Charles M.] Higgins and his team placed the moth in its apparatus on a circular platform surrounded by a 14-inch-high revolving wall painted with vertical stripes. The moth's neuron reacts to the movement of the stripes and the process begins.

The brain of a moth is about the size of a grain of rice. Although small, “its compact size and simplicity allows for an efficient way to do brain research,” Higgins said.

Link (Via ComDig)


  1. “The underlying point in the creation of the robo-moth is the notion of advancing neuroscience.”

    Quote of the century.

  2. Sounds like the beginnings of a particularly bad sci-fi horror flick from the 1950’s.

    Fascinating and Creepy.

  3. One step closer to my boyfriend’s vision of a fish in a fishtank with robot legs that the fish controls with its mind. Do you think a fish could learn to walk?

  4. Aww man, at a quick glance I thought that said “Mother Brain.”

    Still awesome, but you can understand my initial disappointment/relief.

  5. This reminds me of the wonderful SF writer Cordwainer Smith. I recall that he had robots with mouse brains. The Instrumentality is coming!

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