Film review: 2 Girls One Cup

My cinephile pal and blog-colleague Pesco mentioned the French New Wave classic "Deux Filles, Une Tasse" earlier this week on BoingBoing -- and look here! One of our kind readers has just pointed us to a film student's review on the popular website Flickr. If you've never seen "2 GIRLS 1 CUP," as the Truffaut-influenced masterwork is colloquially known on the internet, do yourself a favor and do not bother because it is like goatse times a million tubgirls divided by maggots. Link, via fuxoft.


  1. As someone who endured some absurdly pompous film classes taught by even more pretentious instructors, I’d like to buy this film student a beer. This beats the heck out of the time I attempted to reason with a film professor why the world needs Caddyshacks…

  2. I’m calling shenanigans. I’ve taught film classes and I’ve taught feminist theory and I’ve never had a student capable of making up bullshit like this on a paper. Seems really really fake to me.

  3. What’s really neat about this whole thing is that I had never heard of two girls before, and then when I finally found the vid, I only watched the very beginning of it (simply because I could not continue). Then I thought to myself, “Self: it is only chocolate pudding.”

  4. MrFitz: I was able to watch the entire video for the sole reason that it was incredibly easy to convince myself they were eating chocolate mousse. That is, until they started vomiting into each other’s mouths… convincing myself they were birds or ants was considerably more difficult.

  5. This video lends itself to a great deal of discussion, not least of which is the motivation behind “the decision to consume another’s feces.” The visuals are convincing, one does get the impression that the act is genuine. “Two Girls, 1 Finger,” an apparent companion piece of sorts, raises similar issues. What is going on out in the wilds of the human habitat? How common are these practices? Are they real? How long have they been going on? I understand that the “scat” pornographic genre has been around for some time, as well as a broader fascination with female micturation. What implications and ulterior meanings are there for the rest of us, if there are any at all?

    All in all, it is worth watching for both the intense morbid fascination and the disturbing implications for human society and culture.

    I can’t believe the author of the essay got a grade of 0%.

  6. I haven’t seen this movie yet, but from what I can gather, this BB post is a troll!!! Everyone! It’s a trap!!!

    DON’T WATCH THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. …. And I feel infinitely stupid for not reading the post to the very last line and jumping to conclusions. There isn’t even a link to the actual video…


  8. where are my unicorns?

    lord almighty, are we in need of some serious unicorns.

    tomorrow, i hope there’s nothing but unicycles, corn, and unicorns.

    Ooh, and Nico!

  9. After all the talk about how unwatchable this is, I decided that nothing was too unwatchable for me, dammit, so I watched it. Now I feel tough. And sick. The only good thing about it is that it’s mercifully short.

    The thing that kept running through my head was: what are those two actresses being punished for? Who took a dislike to them? Were they forced to do this again, or was once enough? I guess I can’t conceive of a person who could do this willingly, even as a porn actress performing an exaggeration of an already extreme kink.

    The only thing I could come up with to explain their participation that was able to satisfy my sense of human beings as relatively self-serving creatures was that someone must be holding their loved ones hostage. Does that make me narrow minded? Have I become a conservative? Christ, next thing you know, I’ll be trying to outlaw Santorum.

  10. One of the actors was also in a film called “swap.avi” That one makes 2girls and a cup look very tame by comparison. I’m guessing the release of this short teaser is to promote a forthcoming full length feature similar to swap.avi. Swap was made in Brazil, commissioned by someone on the Something Awful boards from what I hear. The girl with the tattoo on her neck is the one in both movies. Its rumored that she was paid $50 for her role. Wow.

  11. We never seem to hear anything about the circumstances that lead to the creation of these internet shock videos. I don’t want to see them – but I would be interested to know who these people are, why they did these awful things and what is it like to become infamous worldwide for doing something horrifically gross.

  12. In all sincerity, kids: anyone who’s seen Pink Flamingos, all the way to the end (the author of which is also the author of a hit Broadway musical) won’t be phased, much, by this not-convincing bit of scat porn. Anytime that I think that the youth of today is orders of magnitude more louche than myself, something like this comes along, and I note the amount of fuss made over it, and smile a little.

  13. The Unicorn is unable to save your tender eyes at this time, as it is too busy filming the sweeping epic “Two Unicorns, One Horn”.

  14. @ Rick,

    Thank you for being one who can take the approach of student/teacher to this matter. I did some digging and have realized that I do not need to watch the video. Through various screen caps & descriptions, I can visualize the content. I am not disturbed or grossed out by the acts because they happen, I simply have no need to view them. I like that you inquire “What is going on out in the wilds of the human habitat? How common are these practices? Are they real? How long have they been going on?”

    I am going to do my best to interpret the grade.

    1. “Explain More”:: What needs to be explained is what is this futuristic association? What is this date? Is it 1209? Is this a statement of how the world will be in 1209? Is it political? Is the film maker just being a smart ass? Who the hell knows! I’ll call up Warhol and Genesis, lets ask them. After that statement the rest of the message is confusing to me.

    2. WHAT? O.K., This requires that I watch it, but I’m not going to. For this statement, I’ll give the author the benefit of the doubt.

    3. I’m writing this as I read the essay. I have no further interpretations of the film. However, I do think that the student should not have received a 0%. The student has viewed and attempted, rather studiously, to interpret the potential meaning for the picture. Weather or not it was created as a joke, pornography, art, or other, only the creators and friends will know. For an outside witness to attempt to find reason and meaning in it, I think speaks volumes for his/her mind and ability to approach this world without prejudice, but an idea of learning rather than judging or being susceptible to shock.

    OK. So this post was not nearly as analytical as I had planned, all I can say is this. I get it, it’s a shocking vid (maybe) that I don’t want/need to see. As I have already stated it is also one that I have no right to judge even though it is one I may not understand. Someone wrote an analysis on it and got a sh!t grade for some silly reason. If you watch the vid, keep an open mind, while unlikely, this may be the reality of the humans involved.

    Sleep tight.


  15. It got a shit grade because it was a joke essay. Yes, yes it was.

    It wasn’t a serious analysis. It was a parody of serious analysis.

  16. @ Squashy.

    Really? Well, it was still good, parody or not. Thank you for reminding me that the internet is still the internet. Therefor we should watch what we over think.

  17. I am a university lecturer and I would have given it a (low) grade. It demonstrates an understanding of the academic genre and is no more full of shit (heh) than any other film or lit crit essay. It is clear the writer has been paying attention in class. By turning in such a piss-taking essay, he is both demonstrating his knowledge and communicating his opinion of the class. It’s stretching the assignment a bit, to be sure, but unless there was something in the assignment that said pornography was off-limits, or that the film had to be of a certain length, or had to come off of a certain list, it looks like he conformed to the spirit of the assignment, and possibly the letter.

    This teacher is being a jerk. If this is real at all, of course.

    When you’re teaching one of these low-level, core type classes, you can’t pretend that these people care. Most of the people are there because the university told them they have to be, so grading them down for a lack of interest is really just being a douchebag. I hate teachers like this.

    If this happened in an upper-division class, it’d be worthy of a smackdown, but that number looks like a lower-division class to me, and that means give this kid a C and tell him not to do it again.

    Then again, I can relate to thinking that a criticism assignment is ridiculous, because even though I was studying linguistics, I had to take some really preposterous lit crit classes to graduate. Upper division. Fortunately, I found that if I bagged on men and white people in every paper, my grade would be fine.

  18. I haven’t watched the video, but I googled it and watched this video reaction. It had me in stiches. Soooooo funny.

    I don’t think I will ever watch the original

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  20. Even (actually: especially) if you take the video as a serious piece of art and the above review as a serious critique thereof, the 0% grade is wholly deserved. The teacher was not necessarily being a jerk.

  21. jonlajoie wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it?

    Possibly NSFW language. but hey look at the subject matter.

  22. The human mind is largely uncharted, (though modern neurology is makinig inroads and progress in charting its more salient territories) and that part of our brains which deal with sex in particular is in especially murky and complex region.
    Whether there is some kind of cross wiring, harmonic resonance, capacitance leakage across gray matter membranes, who can tell, but sometime in the future I’m sure we’ll be discovering that stuff like this, just like voices from the divine are largely an expression of either some organic disease, genetic behavioral diversity or a combination of the two…and not a result of sin,immorality, not deviant educational practices nor being rejected by their parents while in infancy.
    Another question to ask is “what part of our brains is it that generates such a strong emotional reaction to freakishness?”

  23. Kyle Armbruster, I liked your comment. The kid didn’t deserve a 0%. What he did was definitely inappropriate, but what the teacher failed to realize was that the student showed some considerable creative promise. With proper guidance, that kid could turn into a fairly decent writer.

  24. There are some things you can’t un-watch…

    “any hope for redemption has been lost”.

    Man that hit the nail on the head. I would’ve at least bumped the grade to a D for that clause alone.

    Anyone else have a hankering for double chocolate frozen yogurt?

  25. Is there a word or phrase that has the definition: “The desire one has to view something, or to learn about something, even though a credible source informs one that that thing will sicken and disgust one”?

  26. Divided by maggots?

    Dividing by a small value makes something bigger. So to augment the value, divide by a Unicorn or something else that has a very small value of disgusting.

    2Girls_1Cup = Goatse * TubGirl / White_Unicorns

  27. The student didn’t “show some considerable creative promise”, he stole his review from a blog. For that, not for his choice of movie, he deserves a zero.

  28. My guess is fake. Who noticed that the “professor” wrote the verb form of the word “appropriate” on the side of the paper?

    I did!

  29. This is in the comments on the flickr page…

    Notes on the back read (as best I can tell):

    You seem
    to have a
    creative ____
    but writing
    about pornography
    is not suitable
    __ my class

    if this is real, at least the teacher recognized the students creative abilities. The 0% was based on the review of pornography.

  30. Best quote ever: “If you’ve never seen “2 GIRLS 1 CUP,” as the Truffaut-influenced masterwork is colloquially known on the internet, do yourself a favor and do not bother because it is like goatse times a million tubgirls divided by maggots.”

    AS for the video (and we do seem to be having a serious intellectual discussion about it, despite the fact that we were warned not to watch it), I guess I have become somewhat jaded, as it didn’t disgust me as much as it probably should. It did bring up all kinds of weird tangential thoughts. Like others here I wondered WHAT could bring those girls to do that (they don’t really seem to be enjoying it), and how much they were paid? In college a classmate had a verboten bestiality film — one woman in the flick was clearly a heroin addict acting under a kind of duress, but one old man in the same film was clearly into what he was performing.

    I also wondered: do they bother to clean the dishes at home now? I mean. . . they’ve had dirtier things in their mouths, what’s a little dried old food? And if they drop an ice-cream cone on the pavement do they just pick it up and eat it, and if not why– it’s not as bad as other things they eaten? Of course during sex we all cross lines of what is and isn’t appropriate to put in our mouths, but then this film doesn’t really strike me as being “sexual” in any way– if not for the lesbian kissing there’s no “sex” in it at all.

    Finally, I thought “this is the end of civilization, this is like what was going on in Rome when the Empire fell: pointless perversion.” It seems like some of what puritanical Christian-fundamentalists predicted maybe is coming true, pornographers do seem to be trying to out-do each other. What do I make of the fact that I wasn’t too disgusted by it? I remember as a boy my stomach turning when I saw a dead bird, and yet this video didn’t hurt as much, is this what being “mature” is all about? Every day another part of me dies.

    So it goes.

  31. Yeah, it was pretty disgusting, but for my money, “Mr. Hands” had much more of an “OMFG!” factor to it, seeing as you’re watching a guy die basically from being impaled.

    Between these 2, gotasie & tubgirl, I think my poor soul has suffered enough, so I’ll be passing on any others (BME Pain Olympics, etc) until my now fragile psyche is healed somewhat.


  32. What Johnald Chaffinch says is true – I wrote this for my blog some months ago, and it was not for any class or anything. A friend of mine altered it into the version seen here, the original is here:

    Thank you, Johnald, for doing the research there. I wish I got at least some credit on all the places this has been popping up, but it’s the internet, so what can you do.

    For what it’s worth, I’m a literature major and I actually know little to nothing about film critique. Even though it was written as a joke (I try not to sound so pretentious in my actual critiques), I’m flattered that so many people liked it! Feel free to email me at for any reason =] (i never get emails)

  33. Please assume that the above is a malicious link.

    I’ve reported it for removal.

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