Christmas lights powered by electric eel


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  1. davemr says:

    Neat idea, but done 22 years ago at Vancouver aquarium. Here’s a clip about it from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s CBC Archives website:

  2. TomAqMar says:

    I would just say that this idea feels like it was stolen from a 1930s Felix the Cat cartoon. I’m not saying it was, I’m just saying it feels like it…

  3. iburl says:

    “I know it’s only our first date, but does that eel lighting up that bushy tree give you any ideas?”

  4. Emily (daturazoku) says:

    PSH. Whatever. You know all those super awesome illuminations in Tokyo? Roppongi Hills? Takashimaya Times Square?

    The TV news last week explained it was powered by shit. The government spent millions of dollars to make a waste processing plant that would turn shit into excrement and are testing it on the holiday light surge. That’s the feel good of this year for me, really, watching couples fawn over lights powered by their own excrement.

  5. GTMoogle says:

    Man, I wish someone would give ME money to turn shit into excrement! Easiest job EVAR!

    (yeah, yeah, clearly that was intended to be ‘electricity’, let me have my fun! :) )

  6. The Lizardman says:

    Honestly, if this was remotely local (same country) my wife I would likely make a trip…

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