Spam as hand-lettered art


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  1. agentbuzz says:

    I never get any spam, using sendmail, spamassassin, DCC, Vipul’s Razor, DNS blacklists, and procmail. Firewalling Asia helps, too.

    But people at my company are getting mostly stuff like “Your confirmations is needed for 1500 USD” and “Confirmation number 666884433. Money is ready for Josephine Jones”.

    The interesting pop-culture twist is that chicken-boners are being forced to mutilate their message so much that it is inscrutable to the targets.

    They say things like, “Expand ur steeple to make people scream” or “Ur diminutive earthworm is discussting to ur girl”.

    I’d like to get a t-shirt that says, “Yur 2 tiny & u need dak x-paanshun to inlieten ur bee atch”.


  2. Haute Pie says:

    Megstar – if you had a wider familiarity with contemporary illustration at wouldn’t be so quick to accuse her of plagiarism. There’s a million illustrators whose work might superficially resemble this ‘faux naif’ hand drawing with flat colour. If you think somebody owns it you’re wrong. Also, style is nothing, the idea being communicated is everything. That’s what gets illustrators noticed.

  3. june says:

    I think I have just been inspired to create some embroidered spam samplers. I currently have nearly 200 spam emails in my gmail, I should go see what’s there.

  4. megstar says:

    Ms. Hunter’s work looks very much like she cribbed from authors/illustrators J.Otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh, creators of “Olive the Other Reindeer”

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