Neil Gaiman helps fan propose to girlfriend through book inscription

Jason wanted to propose creatively to his girlfriend, Maui. So he conspired with comix legend, sf writer and all-round mensch Neil Gaiman: when Neil spoke in the Philippines, they would attend and Maui would queue up for a signature afterward. When she reached Neil, he would write "Will you marry Jason?" on the inside of her book and hand it back to her, and romance would ensue.

It worked flawlessly (see the video). Maui was delighted and surprised, Jason got down on one knee, the crowd applauded and Neil sat there, grinning like a maniac.

How lovely!

...and Maui actually failed to notice Neil's dedication because she was so starstruck. It took him about three times to actually get her to read the darn thing.

Maui (squealing, closing the book): Thanks!!!

Neil: Aren't you going to read what I wrote? You have to read it..

Maui (opening the book, shrugging, then closing it again): Thanks!!!

Me: You have to read the dedication...

And she bent over to give Neil a kiss, STILL not noticing what was going on.

Neil: You really have to read this...

When she did (FINALLY!)...

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  1. What I really love is you can see just how much of a gentleman Neil Gaiman is to his fans. He seems utterly delighted by the whole thing. I’ve been to a couple of his signings over the years and he’s always so giving and gracious.

  2. #1, Simplehuman: I’d like to heartily second, third, fourth, and n that. I’ve been to many Gaiman book signings and am always impressed by how genuinely sweet he is at them, even when totally jet-lagged and exhausted after reading the entirety of Coraline. This is only one incident in many that demonstrate what a sincere force for good he is in the SFF community.

  3. I’ve never had the pleasure to meet the man, but Neil has got to be one of the most fan friendly author stars of our age. I read his journal allot and he is just, well, cuddly. His works always deliver and he is empathic to the fans. A true gent.

    Congrats to the engaged, and tilt my hat to you sir Gaiman. I feel lucky to live in the time of your writings.

  4. I have to say that not only am I impressed by Neil’s awesomeness to his fans, but also, that Morpheus sketch he did in the signing is freaking awesome! I think of him as a writer, but the sketch is a wonderful distillation of the character’s graphic essence! God, I hope that I can grow up to be Neil!

  5. What to say? I think one of the best ways to evaluate famous people as persons is to examine what they do with their fame. In this respect, Neil Gaiman earns lots of kudos with his participation to this wonderful plot.
    An author isn’t subjected to the whim of his fans, but what kind of author would pass the opportunity to make such a georgeous story real?
    Talk about bringing magic to his fans, heh.

  6. Neil Gaiman is awesome, completely awesome. I met one of my current good friends for the first time at one of his signings– we’d run into each other online the week before and arranged to meet at the signing. When we told him the story he said, “I feel like I’m performing an important social function.”

    Nothing as important as this, however!

  7. You’ve just exceeded my safe blood-sugar levels with this story.

    If I go into a diabetic coma, I’m suing.

  8. Very cool. I have issues 1-10 (1st ed.) of Sandman up in my bedroom at my parents house. I hope my mom didn’t throw them away or anything.

  9. Neil Gaiman is the best… jaw is still hanging by my chest area.

    What a fine gentleman, writer and human being.

  10. That’s perhaps the most wonderfully geeky romantic moment I’ve ever seen. ^_^ As the sage said, “several million points out of ten for style”.

  11. Just when you thought Gaiman couldn’t rock any harder he up and does something awesomely awesome like this.

  12. Gaiman makes up for quite a few butthead comics pros. Not all of them, because he’s (allegedly) only human.

  13. Now that… that is worthy of praise.

    I shall go and buy more Gaiman today in response. Good deeds *are* rewarded.

  14. This answers Tori’s question: Where’s Neil when you need him? When you need him, he’s there. This is so cool.

  15. Hey Cory, thanks for picking up the story I sent in (you must have gotten several submissions on this). The Jason-Maui proposal’s been going around teh Philippine Internets for a bit. Happy holidays!

  16. I can completely understand Maui’s reaction. Whenever I’m lucky enough to be at one of his signings I can never string a sentence together let alone read…

  17. One other reason he was in the Philippines was to sponsor a writing contest, while many people thought the bookstore behind the event merely paid him to come over (for publicity), we were all pleasantly surprised when it was revealed that Mr. Gaiman was very much involved in creating the Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards (now in its second year). He put up the money for the prizes and helped judge the entries, and even stood in the rain for a couple of hours in front of thousands of fans during the awards night.

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