Carpet with built-in cable conduit

I love this idea of this Cablet, a carpet designed by Paul Kogelnig with built-in conduit for passing your cables through, keeping them off the floor. I've just set up a new office and I'm not at all happy about the wires crisscrossing the floor around my desk. Link (via Gizmodo)


  1. These would be great for home use. I’d love to be able to better hide my mess of cables. I think the conduits would be a pain to clean though, just imagine a coffee spill on one.

  2. Years ago, in my apartment-dwelling years, I hit upon the idea of using sheets of sponge underlay (like you’d find under wall-to-wall carpeting) under my area rugs, and cutting channels in them to pass through coax and cat5 cables without creating bulges in the rugs.

    When I bought a house, I set about replacing all the baseboards with new ones nailed 3/8″ higher up the walls. I run cable in the gaps thus created, and cover them neatly with strips of 1/2″ quarter-round moulding.

    Bet ya never saw that on Holmes on Homes.

  3. I want to be able to choose the colors of the panels. Then I could get a Mondrian-thing going on, which would be excellent!

    – yeff

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