Carpet with built-in cable conduit


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  1. The Unusual Suspect says:

    Years ago, in my apartment-dwelling years, I hit upon the idea of using sheets of sponge underlay (like you’d find under wall-to-wall carpeting) under my area rugs, and cutting channels in them to pass through coax and cat5 cables without creating bulges in the rugs.

    When I bought a house, I set about replacing all the baseboards with new ones nailed 3/8″ higher up the walls. I run cable in the gaps thus created, and cover them neatly with strips of 1/2″ quarter-round moulding.

    Bet ya never saw that on Holmes on Homes.

  2. Clumpy says:

    Awesome. Just don’t let your insurance company know about it :).

  3. Jeff Soesbe says:

    I want to be able to choose the colors of the panels. Then I could get a Mondrian-thing going on, which would be excellent!

    - yeff

  4. TheGreatNanners says:

    These would be great for home use. I’d love to be able to better hide my mess of cables. I think the conduits would be a pain to clean though, just imagine a coffee spill on one.

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