IT security-themed series debuts on Court TV

Between residual eggnog rounds and gift-gloat with family this evening, I plan to tune in to the debut of "Tiger Team," a new series on Court TV which is, more or less, about hacking:

This vérité action series follows Tiger Team – a group of elite professionals hired to infiltrate major business and corporate interests with the objective of exposing weaknesses in the world’s most sophisticated security systems, defeating criminals at their own game. Tiger Team is comprised of Security Audit Specialists Chris Nickerson, Luke McOmie and Ryan Jones who employ a variety of covert techniques – electronic, psychological and tactical - as they take on a new assignment in each episode.
Some related chatter: Slashdot, Digg, Wikipedia. Ori Neidich, one of the show's co-creators, says, "For those of you without TV/Cable the show will be available online immediately after airing." That would be tonight, then, sometime after 11 and 11:30pm E/P. Incidentally, Court TV changes its name to TruTV starting in January.

Image: (L-R): Ryan Jones, Chris Nickerson, Luke McOmie.

Update: Here's the video, online: Link.


  1. Where’s the superintelligent/gorgeous woman on the team? You know, just like on CSI…Cold Case…Law and Order…NCIS…Every Other Drama…I can’t buy into it unless there’s some supermodel who would, in real life, be totally out of place!

  2. Has anybody been able to navigate Court TV’s horrible website to find the show’s video? I have been looking forward to seeing this and the site’s UI is thwarting my attempts.

  3. #3, where’s the woman/women of any kind? I personally very much liked Kim Murphy’s character “Margaret ‘Sosh’ Perkins” from the 2000 show ‘Level 9’, because everyone could use a little social engineering (hence her nickname). That, and I liked her enthusiasm when asking a former special operative if he can kill someone with a spoon. I wish that show would made its way to DVD.

  4. #5: From what I’ve heard these guys are actually the real deal. To quote databeast on Slashdot:

    “I know these guys. One of them is a Defcon Goon and has a book or three published oo, the other’s a better lockpicker than you will ever dream of being, the third guy’s a prtty slick business brain. I’d happily bet any single one of them against you and a team of your choice for skills.”

  5. This is really cool, but I wish they didn’t try to do so much so quickly for the show. I always feel like these shows are very, very simplified. It’d be nice to see them talk about, say, what he means by ‘physical security’, and I wish the need for drama didn’t overstate relatively simple solutions, while making some of the tougher tasks they perform seem trivial.

    If you’re familiar with some of these concepts, you can see them bleed through, but there isn’t really depth into them on the show, per se. I hope it does well enough to warrant further episodes, however.

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