Sculptural "noisy instrument" -- abstract seashell that fits your ear

Jun Murakoshi's "Noisy Instrument" is a hollow sculpture that fits into your ear and exploits the same dynamics that make the oceanic seashell noises to create a unique set of sounds:
What has not been done by using rapid prototyping technique? My answer is making sounds. It must be difficult to make music but it could be possible to make noise. When you put a seashell on your ear, you can hear something strange noise. It is noise but it makes us feel good. This product is a wearable instrument for listening the noise like seashell makes.
Link (via Dvice)


  1. OMG, Looking at that image I can’t help but be reminded of a certain scene from “There’s Something About Mary”… They should’ve chosen a different color for the thing…

  2. earlier version of babblefish? premarket prototype? I’m fairly confident the model is Whistlers great-great niece third descending. the other designs presented seem a very elegant understanding of materials.

  3. Anyone remember Fahrenheit 451? Montag’s wife was addicted to her sea shells- which delivered music/noise to her while she slept. For that reason these seem a bit creepy to me.

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