Check out this playable Lego Tetris game

Lego Ideas is a platform where people can submit their Lego set designs. The designs are then put up for a vote and the ones that get enough votes are considered for production as an actual Lego set. Tetris Solid is a proposed set for playable game based on Tetris. From the designer, victorvey300:

Even though this is a new game, majority of the rules are not so different from the original Tetris. The goal is simple. aim for the highest score on the leaderboard. The player must stack as many shapes on the grid while maintaining a solid structure. That means the player has to avoid leaving any gaps between the tetromino shapes on the matrix grid. Encountering a gap will cause the player to finish the game. When the game is finished the player will select 1 of 6 colored round plates to make their mark on the leaderboard before clearing out the grid. 

The design is ingenious.

It also includes a small diorama of the office of Alexey Pajitnov, the designer of the original Tetris. 

Lego Solid currently has a respectable 3010 votes, but it needs 10,000 to make the cut for review. This looks like a really fun set, so I hope it gets enough votes to move forward.

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