Gaiman's Cthulu/Sherlock mashup "Study in Emerald" -- free audio

HarperCollins has released a free MP3 of Neil Gaiman reading his Hugo- and Locus-winning story "A Study in Emerald," which mashes up Sherlock Holmes and Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos -- a story that transcends mere gimmick and is poignant, and engrossing. I first heard Gaiman's reading of the story in the audiobook edition of Gaiman's excellent collection Fragile Things and had to pull over to give it my full concentration. Gaiman's a great reader and an even better writer. Link, MP3 Link (Thanks, Chris!)


  1. Oh, I read that a long time ago, when I was on a sci-fi Sherlock Holmes bling (there was one story, within a sci-fi fantasy collection, in which an aging Holmes was sent to investigate aliens, and ends his retirement…).

    I love the Gaiman story, it is poignant, and touching how Holmes remain the constant force for justice against a corrupted order. (In SH stories, it’s plain that Holmes is an exception and not the rule. The law can be cruel so there were times when Holmes look the other way, and he always treats people courteously in spite of their different classes, which mattered a lot back then.)

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