Phishers are dumb, rip each other off like crazy


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  1. Frenetic says:

    I read the shummary as:

    “Phishers, phishing phishing phishers sophishticated phishers phishware phishers to phish the phishers; finally, phishers unsophishticated. Shervers sherving the phishing, phishing phishers. Phishers other phishers. Shimply shtole inphormashion stolen by other phishers! Phorums where phishers, shcammers, and carders identphishied other phishers.”

    Phunny, and kind of phoetic!

  2. jplotz says:

    I recently had my Amex card used fraudulently. I was able to get the shipping address (in the US) of the goods that were purchased; I then googled this address. It showed up at in some sort of discussion forum between Russian carders (in Russian). A friend translated it for me – basically, is a blacklist of carders who have scammed other carders. In this case the guy who “owned” the US shipping address wasn’t sending the money to the other guy, and the other guy blacklisted him as a result.

  3. ill lich says:

    And this surprising? “There’s no honor among thieves.”

    Seems that if they’re so dumb, and their sites full of back doors, then it should be easy for someone smart enough to go in and completely screw with them, even shut them down (at least for a time).

  4. Lou Logan says:

    I so wish the computer security researcher’s name was Billy Bios.

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