Has Hillary Clinton seen the video for the Golden Earring song she plays?

Jeroen says: "Hillary Clinton is using a controversial Golden Earring song in her campaign called "When The Lady Smiles." It is a great song, but I was wondering whether Hillary really know that in the video for that song a nun is raped, and the attacker's brain gets eaten by a dog." Link


  1. Would this be the same Hillary Clinton that chose a campaign song for her US Presidential bid written and performed by a Canadian?

    Gotta love that partriotism.

  2. Would this be the same Hillary Clinton that chose a campaign song for her US Presidential bid written and performed by a Canadian?

    No, I don’t think it’s the same one. :/

  3. Given how campaigning works, I doubt she chose it. She probably just approved it and put too high an amount of trust in the people who selected it.

    As for it being Canadian, so what? I’d like a president who’s less jingoistic.

  4. Never mind Hilary — WTF? on that video.

    I think they used the choreography in “Twilight Zone”

  5. In my reality, sticking a slimy part of your body into the orifice of an unwilling victim is rape. Please tell me that the terms of your probation don’t permit you to date.

  6. @#17, one of the earlier songs presidential-candidate Hillary Clinton chose as campaign song was from an Air Canada ad. (made by a Canadian), and this song is indeed Dutch.
    But meh, a lot of Americans think that we Dutchmen, all of us, wear wooden shoes all day, smoking pot, while working at windmills or farms all day.

  7. In my reality, sticking a slimy part of your body into the orifice of an unwilling victim is rape.

    In your reality, sure. In the reality of the rest of us, not so much. cf. your state’s criminal code.

    And man was that a terrible song.

  8. Gee, that song is full of great inspirational lyrics for her campaign…

    – – –

    When the lady smiles,
    She holds me in her hand
    As a matter of fact,
    She could always let me down


    My friends tell me,
    She’s the beast inside your paradise
    I guess you’ve heard it all before
    A fallen angel,
    That has got you hypnotized
    And that always needs some more

    – – –

    Unless it’s some kind of inside joke or an old favorite song, it seems like a weird choice.

  9. Video aside, what about the lyrics to the song? “She’s the beast inside your paradise…
    A fallen angel…” Perhaps this is proof that she is the anti-Christ and her rise to power foretells the coming Rapture. Or not. In any case, a very questionable musical choice.

  10. I was speaking in reference to Hillary choosing a Celine Dion (Canadian) song as her official campaign song in mid-2007.

    I think nationality in stuff like this is a big issue- the US economy is faltering, much in part to a large imbalance in international trade.

    In the ’04 elections, candidates touted how they would keep americans employed… while the republican party used offshore labor to build and manage websites.

    In the ’08 election, candidates like Clinton are using Canadian and Dutch musicians for their campaigns. The US economy isn’t great, and more industries are being outsourced. To me as a voter, knowing that a royalty check is being sent overseas instead of to a US artist is a huge issue.

    I’m not waving a flag in blind patriotism, or calling out any one side in partisanism – they both do it. With an economy going into recession and increased unemployment due to offshoring labor, I think candidates need to be called out on stuff like this.

  11. @25 Well, that is all well and good but let’s face it, an endorsement from Shatner would equal a vote from me.

  12. Jonathan –

    Why not take it a step further? Since government, in theory should exist for the benefit of the people, I would argue that all purchases made by the government (goods, services and labor)should be domestic. I’m not anti-foreign product but if the US government is supposed to be by and for the people, than support those people, and the economy, by always purchasing domestic services when possible.

  13. she was too busy freaking out over the fact that if you were bound set and determined to make the necessary changes, and had the pc version, you could watch clothed people rub on each other in GTA: San Andreas.

    thats ignoring the fact that if you’re bound set and determined you can alter almost any video game to do naughty things.

  14. In general, the US (and EU) has imposed free trade on a lot of nations in the past decades, and benefited from it massively.

    Its about the most immoral thing you could think of to now turn around and say: “Oh you want to sell your software/culture/labor on our markets to? Not just the other way around? Sorry nope, cant do that need to close the market/borders”.

  15. As far as songs about raping nuns go…this is my favourite. Maybe she should play “Twilight Zone” in the next round…I love those neo-Nazi hotties dancing around.

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  17. I cannot find a reference to either “Golden Earring” or “When the Lady Smiles” by searching her site with Google (+site:hillaryclinton.com to query).

    Google News contains one reference (from the disreputable source of the Huffington Post), and all generic web searches seem to be blogspam.

    Verification, please?

  18. You have to wonder if the Clintons and her people are in touch with reality sometimes. This seems like something that would have been looked at closely. Seems like there are just way to many oops, look the other way from the Clintons.

  19. You have to wonder if Boing Boing and its readers are in touch with reality sometimes. The Clinton campaign does NOT use this as a campaign song. At one campaign stop, the local staff in Cedar Falls put it on 8 songs before the song they played before the candidate came out. That is the entire extent of the connection between this song and the Clinton campaign. The rest is pure drivel.

  20. I’m more shocked that there’s a Golden Earring song that isn’t “Twilight Zone” or “Radar Love”.

  21. > How do you measure the purity of drivel?

    On a scale of -1 to +14, with -3 representing Neal Stephenson and +17 representing the combined drivel of the Bush administration.

  22. LOL… Reminds me of when Carnival Cruises or whatever was using part of the “Lust for Life” song without lyrics in their TV spots.. Whenever it came on, I used to sing out the lyrics to whoever was in earshot, ha…


    Here comes johnny yen again
    With the liquor and drugs
    And the flesh machine
    Hes gonna do another strip tease.
    Hey man, whered ya get that lotion?
    Your skin starts itching once you buy the gimmick
    About something called love
    Love, love, love
    Well, thats like hypnotizing chickens.

    Well, Im just a modern guy Of course, Ive had it in the ear before And Ive a lust for life (lust for life) cause Ive a lust for life (lust for life)

    Be one hell of a cruise, I guess… liquor, drugs and ear fucking.

  23. Cowicide,

    Go to an American wedding and the drunken guests are gonna get up and ‘dance’ to the Village People’s YMCA, a song about anonymous gay sex in a facility filled with children.

    Also, those Lust for Life commercials – the snorkeling father, who says something about manta rays looking like giant portabella mushrooms, stars in those soft core porn movies that premium cable shows late at night. Carnival Cruises really was working the subtext. Maybe on purpose.

  24. I hear that John Edwards is re-envisioning his campaign, and he’ll be kicking off the next few stops backed by the upbeat strumming of Minor Threat.

    Pass it on, kids…

  25. LOLcat Stevens, maybe he’ll play “White Minority” by Black Flag instead. I’m sure that’d go over well.

  26. @ LOLCAT Stevens

    Hmmm… “Small Man, Big Mouth”, “Out of Step”, or “Guilty of Being White”?


  27. First she picks a Celine song and now this?! She IS the frickin’ Anti-Christ! BE GONE, BEELZEBUB!

  28. Hey what about Trent and David’s “I’m Afraid of Americans.” My favourite song since the liberation of Iraq started.

  29. Golden Earring aren’t German. They are Dutch. I know it’s not easy for most Americans to make the distinction.

    What is the big deal if she chose the song and the video is weird. Half of the videos for music are bizarre or worse. It’s just a song and I happen to think it’s a nice song. Forget the video.

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  31. Wait, wait, wait a minute. US politics is about a friggin’ song? I can’t believe there is a theme song in the first place let alone people discussing whether or not it has merit. This is the kind of crap that made you guys fall asleep at the switch and screwed over the entire world with two terms of idiot monkey-boy Bush and the SS puppetmasters.

    Well, there you go. I’m on the no-fly list.

  32. #52 dutch muslim: Just curious, but how would you know he/she was American? They look an awful lot like Canadians, I hear.

  33. @#58 mercermachine:
    If ths prsn s rlly ft;chwng n Bg Mc nd s skng 4 wd, then this person usually is an American. Enough said?

  34. Golden earring is Dutch! The Dutch who were the ‘real’founders of Manhattan. Of course non of that is being told in your historybooks!

  35. Reaction from Holland:
    I think the Clintons are big Golden Earing fans.
    Bill C. used the song “Radar love” for his campaign, as well a song from Golden E.

    And funny: Miss C. and her team didn’t ask permission from Golden E. to use the song…..

    Well, look at the state the US economy is in, I think there’s no money left to pay for royalties, LOL

  36. The Golden Earring is Dutch, but the lead singer Barry Hay is English-Dutch. Which may be even worse for the flag waving jingoists. :)

  37. @#27 posted by Haldor

    Is this the same US government which is constant lecturing about open markets? I doubt they would appreciate it if other countries bought only domestic products.

  38. Did Hillary Clinton or her people see the video you’re all referring to? I sincerely doubt it. Recall that that video was banned from MTV.

    However, there was a recut second version of the video circulated in the United States. If the Clinton campaign saw that second video, and looked at the song’s lyrics, they’d have no reason to think the song was objectionable.

    The video of a song is not the song. It’s a separate work that uses the song as its soundtrack.

  39. Reminds me of the time when Ford used the radio edit of “Let’s Get Retarded” by the Black Eyed Peas for their TV commercials. The radio version says “Let’s get it started” but everyone who heard the original knows what’s up. (Buy a Ford, get retarded!)

  40. Hey Americans! You maby new President has got great taste on music.
    If you forget the clip, the song is a great one.Why does a campain song has to be from an american band? WE dutch people welcome any music which is good. The Golden Earring is a most respected dutch band famous for almost 45 years now in the netherlands and beyond.

    Way to go Hilary! I which you American pleople a great new President. Choose whisely!

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  42. It looks to me like the most significant comment was posted by Stephen (41):

    “The Clinton campaign does NOT use this as a campaign song. At one campaign stop, the local staff in Cedar Falls put it on 8 songs before the song they played before the candidate came out. That is the entire extent of the connection between this song and the Clinton campaign.”

    Recall also (#67) that the lyrics are relatively innocuous, the video with the nun and all was banned from MTV, and a second video was made.

    I have to ask: have we been falling for anti-Hillary campaign propaganda? The closer I look at this thing, the less I see any grounds for giggle.


    Doomslang (16), welcome and stick around. You’ll get other chances.

    MadJo (19), I’ll swap you American tourists who think y’all are into wooden shoes and windmills for European tourists who worriedly ask Arizonans whether they have to carry guns when crossing a Tohono O’odham reservation.

    Jonathan V. (25): First: Who notices the nationality of entertainers? When people in this thread were making jokes about endorsements by William Shatner, did you automatically think “Hey, he’s Canadian”? Did you even know that James Doohan was too?

    People in the U.S. just blithely assume that anyone who isn’t obviously foreign must be from the states. We’re vaguely aware that Celine Dion, Leonard Cohen, and k.d. lang are Canadian. We’re less clear about Barenaked Ladies, Crash Test Dummies, Cowboy Junkies, Rush, Paul Shaffer, Guy Lombardo, Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Hank Snow, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Oscar Peterson, and Robbie Robertson, to name but a few.

    And then there’s the “American movie and television industry,” which would have to include Louis B. Mayer, Jack Warner, Norman Jewison, James Cameron, Lorne Michaels, Mary Pickford, Mack Sennett, Marie Dressler, Ruby Keeler, Fay Wray, Walter Huston, Jay Silverheels, Yvonne De Carlo, Rich Little, Mort Sahl, Lorne Greene, Monty Hall, Genevieve Bujold, Donald Sutherland, Leslie Nielsen, David Cronenberg, Margot Kidder, Michael J. Fox, Dan Akroyd, Pamela Anderson, Matthew Perry, Mike Myers, Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and (for pete’s sake) Alex Trebek.

    Want me to prove how little we notice nationality? You’re making a big fuss about Celine Dion. Did you notice Bill Clinton using “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” as his theme song? That’s by Fleetwood Mac, which through its many incarnations has primarily been a British group. And how about Al Gore using You Can Call Me Al off Paul Simon’s Graceland? The liner notes on that one read like a U.N. phone directory.

    Second: using only U.S.-made music would be a trivial and meaningless gesture. The music industry is international, and the money involved would be insignificant. We don’t need to waste campaign-year bandwidth on trifles.

    Third, and this is a generally applicable rule, the neighbor you beggar is a lost customer. As it happens, the United States makes a lot more money marketing music and entertainment to the rest of the world than we pay out for theirs. This is not an issue we really want to pursue.

    MyFacialTreatment (36), ElectricDisk (35), Dan667 (40), Dave Hecht (45), see above. I don’t think you can make any generalizations about Hillary Clinton or her campaign organization from this story.

    Antinous, Geno (42,44), good on you both.

    Cowicide (47), that is literally the first time I’ve had any idea what the lyrics are to “Lust for Life.” I’m with Antinous on this one: in the end, the meaning of a song is what it means to its fans.

    Earring Fan (70), thank you. We’re doing our best.

  43. Ah I see that some of the posts are being censored. Too bad.

    I’m an American. I would never say if I saw a Muslim in the street I’d run them over. I can’t speak for my government, which I did NOT elect. Don’t colour all people with one brush. That’s called being ignorant.

    Hilary Clinton didn’t see the video or she wouldn’t have chosen the song. But I doubt she’s worried about that right now. ;-) All she wants to do is win an election. She could do a hell of a lot worse than not seeing a Golden Earring vid.

  44. Mooimeisje: If that’s all you can see, you’re stupid and I can’t help you.

    In your place, I’d have asked politely why my comment was disemvowelled. I’d also like to think I’d have more sense than to refer to the process going on as “censorship.”

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  46. uh-oh….Teresa may have called you “stupid”, but you just called *her* a Moderator Nazi.

  47. If Clotho spins it, Lachesis measures it and Atropos cuts it, which one teases out some of the fibers?

  48. Thank you, Takuan. Thank you, Lou. I wonder what he thinks moderators are for?

    Storytellers tease out threads, so perhaps that’s the answer. One of my favorite word origins is that clew or clue was originally the loose end of a skein, and thus the starting point for rolling the whole thing up into a ball.

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