Norwegian broadcaster puts popular show online as no-DRM torrent

Eirikso sez, "NRK, the Norwegian state broadcaster, just made one of their most popular TV shows available for free through bittorrent. Without any DRM or restrictions. Free for the planet to watch. Because this is a completely legal download people seems to seed it happily. Making the bittorrent technology work exceptionally well, giving the audience very high download speeds. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation will keep on with experiments like these and try to make more content available through this technology in addition to the more traditional channels of streaming, podcasts and DVD sales."

The very popular series called “Nordkalotten 365″ has been aired on traditional TV in Norway and is now made available for download. In this series the experienced hiker Lars Monsen has traveled alone through the north of Scandinavia for one year. The first episode is already published and the next episodes will be made available as they are encoded.

The files are MPEG4 H.264, 1024×576 25fps, 3 Mbit/s. No DRM.

Link (Thanks, Eirikso!)


  1. Jennee, I guess there won’t be made English subtitles until the show is picked up by an English-language broadcaster (it might have been fansubbed of course).

    So, It would be cool if those of you who’d like to see it subtitled contacted other broadcasters. That way we could show that making content availbale drives interest.

  2. As opposed to the BBC who seem to want the fewest possible number of people to access their online shows.

  3. Thanks BoingBoing.

    I never thought that speaking Norwegian would help me enjoy a link from BoingBoing. How convenient.

    This is beautiful. I have seen three episodes now and I can’t wait for more. Everyone should know that you don’t need to understand the words; you’ll get it. It’s deeper than “Survivorman”.

    This is the second best thing from Scandinavia after The Hives.

  4. English subtitles (fansubs derived from the original Norwegian subs) for all 8 episodes of the series “Nordkalotten 365” are available here:

    (Note: posting anonymously because the “Sign in” link is broken on this page – “/profile/login?…”)

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