Scans of 1950s kids' Valentine's Day cards


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  1. RugerRedhawk says:

    Today a kid would get suspended for having a picture of a gun with them and the company that made the card would be sued for causing the ‘virginia tech massacre’.

  2. Emma says:

    For all you guy geeks out there who have no idea what to get a girl for Valentines Day, here are the top ten gifts you want to avoid, including the book by Jenna Jameson “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star”:

  3. Rinchen says:

    Thanks for sharing. The colors are vivid, unlike the stuff made today!
    What does silo mean?

  4. SednaBoo says:

    One vote for scanning the Hallowe’en cards!

  5. Sarah Neptune says:

    “Ah shot yoo ‘n cut out yer heart with mah knife! Happy St Valentine’s Day, darlin’!”

  6. Takuan says:

    he IS dressed for a Pastafarian rant alright

  7. jimtealiii says:

    silo = silhouette

    He removed the background so the art stands alone.

  8. jimtealiii says:

    Nice to see Valentines without licensed cartoon characters.

  9. sonipitts says:

    That pirate is seriously loaded for bear. He(She?)’s got a carving knife, a handgun and a sword. Dunno who pissed him or her off, but boy are they in some serious shit.

  10. KlokWerk says:

    “Be my valentine… OR ELSE!” :)

  11. Antinous says:

    I ♥ the underage transvestite weightlifter.

  12. the specialist says:

    THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! i am in first grade again, falling head over for little Paula!!

    YOu maDe MY weEk!
    (note to self: add to favorites.)

    Please scan ‘em all! We all need some warm/fuzzy. I vote these replace unicorns!!

  13. Jeff says:

    Nothing says Be My Valentine like a cross-dressing kid with gun and a knife and a sword!

  14. Drapeau06 says:

    I’m really impressed that the publisher released these images into the public domain. Kudos to them!

  15. Art says:

    I remember these because I was in grammar school in the 50′s.

    These illustrations are wonderful and represent a great but lost commercial art form and era.

    Thank you for the post.

  16. ZzmeeY says:

    When I was a kid, the pictures like that made me nervous :)

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