Scans of 1950s kids' Valentine's Day cards


James D. Kimberlin says:

This is a flickr set of 1950's Valentines Day Cards that I scanned. I'm an avid garage saler who came across 4 large scrap books of cards. I have been wanting to use them for a project and have finally gotten around to scanning them.

They include Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas and Birthday cards, all dating from the 1950s. The scrapebooks are from a set of twin boys Vin (Elvin) and Don. There are some great classic cards in the set. I cleaned them all up and silo'd them.

Please feel free to download any and all and share them. I also Have higher res versions of most of them, so if anyone needs those Please feel free to contact me.

Also, I have a large assortment of Other cards, Easter, Birthday etc. if anyone is interested.



  1. Today a kid would get suspended for having a picture of a gun with them and the company that made the card would be sued for causing the ‘virginia tech massacre’.

  2. I remember these because I was in grammar school in the 50’s.

    These illustrations are wonderful and represent a great but lost commercial art form and era.

    Thank you for the post.

  3. That pirate is seriously loaded for bear. He(She?)’s got a carving knife, a handgun and a sword. Dunno who pissed him or her off, but boy are they in some serious shit.

  4. I’m really impressed that the publisher released these images into the public domain. Kudos to them!

  5. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! i am in first grade again, falling head over for little Paula!!

    YOu maDe MY weEk!
    (note to self: add to favorites.)

    Please scan ’em all! We all need some warm/fuzzy. I vote these replace unicorns!!

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