Weaponized diamond engagement ring

Tobias Wong's "Killer Engagement Ring" is a sturdy diamond ring whose point faces out, turning it into a potentially lethal weapon.
The diamond sharp edge will also cut skin down to the bone (with a minimum 1 karat stone - but the larger the better). Or it may simply be used to tag hard surfaces, like cars and windows for S.O.S. messages or that last will and estimate when pen or paper (or lawyers) aren’t conveniently around.
Link (via Making Light)


  1. Next up: “We’re sorry, ma’m, we’re going to have to confiscate your wedding ring before we allow you on the flight. New safety regulations…”

  2. Well caught, #1 – I read that and didn’t even notice it :)

    I’d prefer a ring where the stone swivels – so you can use it non-lethal mode normally (to avoid cutting yourself or others to the bone), but then turn it round when necessary.

  3. A string quartet, playing something frenetic in a minor key. A man and woman in silhouette. He gives her a ring. She puts it on. Close up of her shadowy hand, with bright ring, stroking man’s face. Man suddenly doubles over in agony. Voice over:

    “Permanent scars, courtesy of The Killer Diamond Engagement Ring. How else can three month’s salary last forever?”

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  5. Ricin might be a bit much, seeing as how likely it would be to cut yourself with an always-exposed point like that. I’ve found garlic to be exceptionally painful, much worse than salt when it gets under the skin, but it won’t kill you if you accidentally cut yourself.

    Combine this with the “No Contact Jacket” (a jacket that is a stun gun for women to wear, http://www.no-contact.com/) and you’ll have a seriously stylish and totally untouchable well-accessorized outfit for nights out in some crime-ridden decaying metropolis.

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