Site helps you find rotten neighbors lets you add "rotten neighbors" to a Google map. I see nothing but trouble coming from this.

Picture 13-9 Here are a few descriptions that users have written about their neighbors (I removed the names) :

hot neighbor, San Diego, CA

hot guy ignores me. i tried being sweet. i tried being assertive. i tried downright full on suduction. he just blows off my advances like he dose not even know i am hitting on him, but really i know he is just mentally torturing me, that is why i am warning you all. i should just get over him but he is sooo hot!

The **** Family, Frisco, TX

**** and **** need to leave Frisco with their tail between their legs. they have caused two homeowners to go into foreclosure because they won't pay the rent. the people have caused many people heartache and frisco would be better off without them. Go back to Tarrant County **** ****!

drug addicts, Akron, OH

a guy named **** lives here with a poor excuse for a spouse & 2 unfortunate children. he's a bad meth abuser & smokes crack. keep your children away from this house

Horrible Neighbors Everywhere, Glastonbury Center, CT

Too many whining and complaining *****y neighbors throughout building. They need to mind their own business and go about their lives... Seriously, if you don't like condo living then get the f--- out!

noisey during sex, Honolulu, HI

there is some lady in my building who has loud sex on saturday afternoons. she lives on the pool side of our building and it is embarrassing hearing her loud moans while the kids are down at the pool.

mean old lady with no life!!, Austin, TX

this women has nothing better to do then yell at myself and y famil, thinks she owns the block, tries to get us in trouble with the police, city hall, etc. you name it she has tried it!! the women has no life, hateful, nasty, even does things to little kids!! physco!! we are her whole mission in life and that is really sad!!

home wreaker

a 22 year b**ch lives here, she'll lay down with anyone, especially if he's married, established, and as old as her father. keep clear
From the site's "About" page: is here to help. It's the first real estate search engine of its kind, helping you find troublesome neighbors before you sign the paperwork on your new house, condo or apartment. RottenNeighbor is the largest site anywhere in the world covering the neighbor space, and we're certain you'll agree that the value it offers is unmatched anywhere else!

Use RottenNeighbor to:

* Get access to detailed maps of states, counties, cities and neighborhoods, all searchable by zip code

* Find important neighborhood information by searching the site's user-provided data

* Help others by uploading your own good or rotten neighbors to our database



  1. I still hold shame for one of the crappy things I did when I was a kid — put an ad for a new neighborhood in a mailbox of people I did not like. Oh, and I also wrote “you should move here” on the ad. Ugh. I can’t imagine how much shame I’d be carrying around if I had the internet back then to further my stupidity …

  2. I’d like a database of the addresses of people who slag their neighbors on Now there’s a group of people I don’t ever want to live next to.

  3. Interesting that none of these people claiming rotten neighbors seem to be able to spell or compose in written English at even a 3rd-grade level. I wonder who the rotten neighbors really are?

  4. For added fun, they’re completely unresponsive to removal flags and emails. A friend of mine is on their with her full name, address, and a basically text-book defamatory post, and so for we can’t even talk to anyone about it getting pulled down.

    Did I mention that my friend has a unique name, and that it is pulling up as the second Google link for her name?

  5. #6 KLG19

    I noticed that same thing. I am constantly amazed on a daily basis at the amount of people who appear to not have a solid grasp on the language of the country they grew up in.

  6. There’s a dozen of these in my neighborhood and half of them are “This girl is making so much noise during sex”, posted by some guy.

    I think is somebody bragging or trying to brag, anyway. Hahahahaha!

  7. if the consenus is that this site is obnoxious, then flood it so every address is libelled

    has`TSA incorporated it into their database yet?

  8. I am I just an old softie or does the idea of appeal to others?

    Stuff like:
    – Mrs XXX helped watch the kids when I had to go to the hospital.
    – The XXX family lets the local familys use their pool.
    – Mr XXX mows my yard for me since I’ve had a hip operation.

    You get the idea.


  9. I have an upstairs neighbor that stomps around at all hours, hard enough to shake our apartment.
    When i went up and asked her to stop she called me a racist and made it a point to stomp louder.
    When i asked her to please not fill up our trash can outside she called me a motherfucking cracker.

    pretty much the definition of a rotten neighbor, at the very least a bewildering one, but i don’t see a point in a website devoted to rotten neighbors, since all descriptions will be anecdotal and probably apocryphal.

  10. @15
    good news doesn’t sell papers

    here’s a draft: “Upstairs tenant constantly loudly praying in furrin language all day, alla time, gots his brother ‘Samma sumthin livin in the garage”

  11. What happens when a rotten neighbor moves and a nice neighbor moves in?

    Earlier posts stated it was near impossable to get a flag removed.

    What happens when this starts devaluing your property?

    Sounds like a great tool, especially since the neighbors that complain about stuff the most are the rotten ones.

  12. Aww, PhilipB/#15 — I am with you, that is a kind idea. And to #3/Takuan — there’s no hail marys for me at the end of my declaration and thus absolution — just a warning for the weight of one’s mean actions (these are the chains I forged in life) …

  13. There’s one person here in my neighborhood in Austin, this young couple with ENORMOUS dogs. They seem nice enough, but I can’t stand enormous dogs (or purebred dogs for that matter). Anyway, I always suspected those things were hazardous, and it turns out that they were attacking people, and it took them years to put up a fence that could keep them in. Interesting. I wonder how long it will take before people complain about my loud indian classical music at 3AM.

  14. actually, the site says it’s for listing bad AND good neighbors. i did a quick search for my area, and there were only 3 listings (none of them me, whew!) and one of them was labeled “Nice guy”, with three votes.

  15. Just the other day I was wishing for a rate-your-neighbors style site, like
    The apartment I live in now is pretty nice and the landlords are reasonable, but the neighbors smoke all day and half the night and fill our apartment with the smell of cigarettes. All my clothes smell like I spent the night in a bar and the smell makes me sick to my stomach. When we politely asked if they could maybe smoke out a window they went on a spiel about how they’re “certainly not goin’ to stop smokin'”.

    I wish I had known before we signed a year lease.

    But if people abuse other potentially useful rating sites, I can just imagine how much this could be abused. Plus there are way more neighbors in the country than professors at university x. Allowing for posts about good neighbors as well as bad would make that site a lot less negative, and more useful.

  16. Another website that encourages people to voice their hate in an anonymous forum, but now we have the added bonus of libel!

    This is anything but a good idea. Problems with rotten neighbors should be resolved in private, not with a witch-hunt.

  17. Wow, somebody really doesn’t realize that we have libel laws in this country. Or thinks they can hide behind anonymity. It shouldn’t be too hard to identify the person who posted any particular complaint; at worst, a little forensic linguistics could do the trick.

    PhilipB 15, that is indeed a kind idea. Unfortunately the evil trolls of the world would use it as a sucker list.

    Toxonix 18, or he just doesn’t like slutty women who hit on him when they first meet. Or he’s tired of being hit on by so many people. Or he doesn’t like really STUPID women (as you can tell from her post). Or he managed to get some insight into her character quickly (what kind of person calls you a rotten neighbor because you spurned their advances?). Or he’s in a relationship with someone else, and he’s actually a faithful man (they do exist, even among the hot). Or…

    Also, she probably would have mentioned something about being fat (IME people who complain about their advances being ignored are used to them NOT being ignored and tend to be conventionally attractive), and probably would have accused him of being gay if she thought that were possible. Her own inherent lack of worth (evident from her post) does not occur to her as a factor, and that points to it being, in fact, the key.

  18. @27/Hellhead
    No, we asked them if they could open a window or not smoke near our bedroom wall or put a fan there or really anything that might stop it just a little. We have three air fresheners in that room and the hallway next to the wall, plus a fan going all the time, and it doesn’t help. It wasn’t a problem until it got cold out and the windows got shut. I understand that they couldn’t stop now if they wanted to, and we don’t bother them at all, just mentioned it once.

  19. #15
    Im most certain, but I could be wrong, that there is a function on this site for praise as well as complaint. That or it was another site. >.>

  20. that was for 24/27 by the way, but I see from your handle it could be confusing, Mr. Toxin.

    It has always been a social perogative of humans to solve their community problems by banding together to confront the offender. Sometimes with pointy white hoods. Anonymity among the posse members is never a good idea. Whoever posts to sites like these should be forced to register and face the law if they have indeed libelled.

  21. I took a look at this site and wished I hadn’t. Never mind what the “rotten neighbors” are like. The posters are cretins.

    Unicorn chaser plz!

  22. #8: I read that post, that’s insane that can be done. People are greedy; no doubt about that. You would think that there would be laws that protect you from that. Not laws that reward.

  23. Hope this site dies a horrible dotcom death. This site is an excuse for whiny piss-ant suburbanites to bitch like little children about everything that isn’t perfect in their Donna Reed fucking little lives.

    Here’s the kind of comments that appear in my town:

    “They don’t cut their hedges and it blocks our wonderful view!”

    “The kids play baseball and climb on things!”

    “Their fence is falling apart and their yard looks ugly”

    And people wonder what’s wrong with America.

  24. …Living in Austin, I can confirm the one about the “mean old lady”. The old bitch lives near a couple of friends of mine – not the ones who posted that report, tho – and the entire neighborhood literally hates her guts. She’s called the cops numerous times on her neighbors for really asinine reasons – one of which was her angst over one neighbor letting their grass grow higher than she liked, refusing to acknowledge the fact that the grass *had* to be allowed to grow uncut as part of a lawn treatment. The old bat got chewed out by the cops for having wasted their time over something that trivial, but that hasn’t stopped her from causing problems for her neighbors. She’ll actually call in cars that have expired tags, or file complaints for pretty much anything, as stated, she can think of. And nobody has a clue as to why she’s such a [insert epithet that all women hate that starts with a “C”]. They figure she’s probably just psychotic and off her meds.

  25. “And people wonder what’s wrong with America.”

    Well, could be that brainwashing about the great open spaces and the ability to do whatever you want to do in ‘Merica. Turns out, your idea of freedom is what your neighbor’s calls “masturbating in the window with the curtains open!”

  26. This should be illegal. I can’t believe it even made it to beta. Not only can people sling anonymous, slanderous bullshxt but they can post the victim’s address at the same time. What kind of axxholes thought this would be a good idea!

  27. #41 – Csbmonkey: “masturbating in the window with the curtains open!”

    I’ve always considered that more of a God-given right than a freedom:P

    I like Takuan’s idea (#14) of flooding the site. Or they could just clarify the gist of the site and change it to “” or “”

  28. What a bunch of glass-half-empties! I flag myself as being the nightmare neighbor from hell, nobody will move in near me and I get lots of peace and quiet.

  29. Heh. The White House has a couple comments. Nothing too insightful though. (And the Naval Observatory, the undisclosed residency of the veep, is still ripe for picking.)

    Meanwhile, where does The Loser Living Upstairs live?

  30. Good think Mark got to this link first before Cory, before the story was “Amazing Google Mashup Allows You To Declare Rotten Neighbors”.

  31. This is sadly late, but I LOVE the idea of “” as suggested by #15 (Philipb) … I’d be far more interested in seeing that =)

  32. wow, on the sign up page it has :

    ‘If you are interested in being part of our upcoming Rotten Neighbor reality TV show…’

  33. I’m gonna flag everyone in the neighborhood I want to live in.  Then I just have to wait for the property values to decline so I can finally afford a house there!

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