The Million Zimbabwe Dollar Homepage

Mike says,

I created this website as a parody of the famous Million Dollar Homepage. The Zimbabwe dollar just crashed again last week and, on the black market, you can now get Z$20,000,000 for USD$1 (the official exchange rate is USD$1 = Z$33,000).

I cut prices from 3 cents per 900 pixels to 1 cent per 900 pixels because of the recent collapse. Unfortunately I have to charge an additional Z$1million (US$0.35) per purchase to cover paypal fees.

Update: responding to some of the BB reader comments, Mike adds,
Yes, I do think the currency of Zimbabwe is a joke - but the suffering of the Zimbabwean people absolutely is not. If anything, I hope that this raises awareness and helps to show how ridiculous and irresponsible the government of Zimbabwe is acting.


  1. Can I pay in Zim? I’ve got a 10,000 zim note sitting at home somewhere from my trip there last year. It was worth about 10 cents when I got it (in change from a drink I bought — a bottle of coke for 190,000Z) and about 3 cents when I left a month later…

    Seems sort of depressing that it’s currently worth a fraction of a penny. :/

  2. Works fine for me in firefox. I think this is hilarious, though I can see someone saying ‘screw it’ and paying for the rest of the pixels in one swoop… I mean come on, its only $33 if you wanted to buy the whole set of them.

  3. Don’t laugh too hard. We could be at parity in not too long. How else do we pay off this catastrophic foreign debt?

  4. I’m sure the people of Zimbabwe will find this webpage very amusing. how kind to provide them this entertainment.

  5. I don’t think this is funny at all. If the money collected was donated to a charity helping Zimbabweans then it would make sense, but the guy saying he’d use the money to buy Big Macs makes this seem incredibly tasteless.

  6. All insensitivity talk aside, I wonder if the Z$ will return someday? I mean, if you can get cheap Z$, and it bounces back at some point, wow. But if it’s gone forever like the Jefferson Davis dollar, forget it.

  7. The USD ain’t exactly the Schwarzenegger of currency, either.

    Apparently expanding the supply of money and credit to spend on military contractors was an elaborate money laundering scheme — called inflation, the stealth tax — to transfer wealth from savers and salaried employees into the hands of the politically well-connected.


    Except that the whole reason governments converted from gold to fiat currency was to be able to continue to wage war, despite the insolvency war expense engenders.

    This is why the Roman Empire collapsed.

    “Official exchange rate” is just another way of saying price controls.

    Market signals work, and government planning doesn’t.

  8. I have a 20 cent coin from Zimbabwe from my trip there in 2000. Today I reckon it’s worth about $0.000006 US, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  9. Granted the exchange rate has stabilized, but in January, it went from $50billion to $500 trillion it US$1. It’s gone down a little since then.
    However, also take into account that they’ve removed 12 zeroes off the money.
    So, #20, a 20cent coin would be worth 1/2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of a dollar. 2 octillionth of a dollar.

    As for the people of Zimbabwe finding this funny… well… most of the ones I know would find it hilarious that someone is getting paid in Zimbabwean money for nothing (which he isn’t, but the concept… actually, I’ve got a bunch of $50billion notes in my wallet. I wonder if he’d let me pay for an ad IN the currency! *grin*).
    They’re a strong people. Proud. And most of them have a wicked sense of humour.

    At this point, donations and charity work can only do so much. They’re bandaids. What needs to happen, has to happen, in order for Zimbabwe to get better is that Mugabe has to go.
    That’s step number one. Nothing else will help until that happens.
    Whether it be through ousting or someone enforcing free and fair elections, it doesn’t matter. He just has to go.

  10. I look back those days of constantly our price lists because the rate has moved again! I have forgotten what hell we went through every single day. We now deal in USD! Which has stabilised prices! Will we ever use our own currency again? I doubt it! For now though, we just thank our lucky stars that we deal in USD! We no longer struggle with the inflation!

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