A History of Evil (animation / video)


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  1. twig says:

    looks like he was slammed hard by commenter-whiner-trolls, who one might argue also have a history of evil.

    What they lack in years they make up for in tireless dedication.

    I thought this video was pretty cool.

  2. Takuan says:

    good work, why can’t this sort of thing get funding?

  3. the_boy says:

    The video was great, and the abrupt ending almost fit. As for the explanation, Youtube commenters just happen to be the worst pretty much ever, with the possible exception of 4chan.

  4. McGrude says:

    Often when I see art like this it makes me wish I could draw. This was a really well done animation.

  5. Doug Nelson says:

    Well done, though the narrative derails a bit after about the 3min mark.

  6. Takuan says:

    I must say though, I am a little disappointed there was no mention of me

  7. noen says:

    It’s ok, needs more editing. This is why you storyboard first.

  8. Bazilisk says:

    Great, yeah, it’s student work so not expecting perfect but very good. It made me laugh and think, which, what more do I need..?

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