Clay Shirky's masterpiece: Here Comes Everybody


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  1. tmdowling says:

    Very popular link on right now:, Feb, 2008 Video of Clay Shirky discussing the topic of his book. 42 minutes long, but worth it.

  2. Old Bald Helen says:

    That the U.K. and U.S. publishers are using such conceptually different covers seems to contradict Sharkey’s premise, or at least his book’s title. It’s more like “Here Comes Everybody Over Here and Here Comes Everybody Over There and Here Comes…Wait, Who Are They? and Ah, Here Come Everybody Else.”

    Oh, and Cory, that’s minutiae. And the phrase “trivial minutiae” is of course redundant.

  3. jharder says:

    Dude – I love to nerd out on FW. That line you posted is, I think, one of the most beautiful sentences ever written. I have an audio track of Joyce reading it.

  4. Mikey Likes BoingBoing says:

    Interesting! I look forward to checking into this book. BTW, I also like the cover art shown here MUCH better than the bland cover shown on Amazon:

    For the author’s sake and success with the book, I hope the BB cover art is the final production version of the cover…?

  5. billso says:

    This looks interesting. It’s the kind of book that corporate decision makers might ignore until its too late.

  6. Jeff says:

    Cory, dude, –YOU– just sold me a book, and it’s not even one of yours. Why don’t you start a Doctorow’s book club? You could be like Opra, but smarter.

    “… he’s one of those people who is able to crystallize the half-formed ideas that I’ve been trying to piece together into glittering, brilliant insights that make me think, yes, of course, that’s how it all works.”

    IMHO, the above is beautiful writing.

  7. Jeff says:

    Trivial minutiae is not redundant. Trivia is unimportant, mundane and Minutiae is small. That means: slightly unimportant little details.

    Off Topic: The next time you’re in Dublin, go on a James Joyce pub crawl. Quite fun to see some of the watering holes that one can read about in the Dubliners.

  8. jharder says:

    Literary Nerd Sidenote: In James Joyce’s book Finnegans Wake the main character is named HCE which stands for Here Comes Everybody. The character was meant to be an allegorical representation of all mankind. Although seemingly incomprehensible at first glance, the book is written to mimic the disorienting, shape-shifting style of a dream. And the story is basically an overview of the Judeo-Christian history of humankind.

    It’s an interesting choice for the name of Clay’s book. Mad English major props to him!

  9. Old Bald Helen says:


    No, Jeff.

    From American Heritage Dictionary’s definition of “minutiae”: Small or trivial details.

    “Trivial minutiae” are therefore “trivial trivial details.”

    Off-topic: I don’t recall whether I’ve ever done a Joyce pub-crawl in Dublin, but I’ve been there for several Bloomsdays (June 16), which were also biggish fun.

  10. thebookdesignreview says:

    MikeyLikesBoingBoing: couldn’t agree more about the covers. Unfortunately, that’s the final US cover. The one with the buttons is the UK cover.

  11. krex says:

    Boing commenters are the best. I was ready to chime in with the HCE reference, and there it was, succintcly stated in the 3rd comment.

    of course its Joyce, so there’s lots more fun:

    riverrun, past Eve and Adams, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth, Castle and Environs.

  12. apokalypse says:

    Howth Castle and Environs, Haveth Childers Everywhere, Haroun Childeric Eggeberth, H.C. Earwicker: The universe of Finnegan’s Wake is located within the dreaming mind of this collapse patriarch, i.e. HCE, an acrostic which represents a psychic state, probably the dreaming male mind. -parahrased from intro to Finnegan’s Wake by John Bishop, 1999, Penguin Books 9th Ed.

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