At the Lit.Cologne festival tonight in Germany

I'll be reading and speaking at the Lit.Cologne festival in Cologne, Germany tonight. It's in honor of the German release of Upload (AKA Eastern Standard Tribe) -- hope to see you there!
Science Fiction 2.0
Cory Doctorow – upload
Freitag, 29.02., 19.30 Uhr

Stammstraße 38–40, Ehrenfeld



  1. Damn, you´re in town I´ll miss it. I´m involved in the Nozart festival for improvised music, which is this weekend.

    You are invited to come over, I´ll put you on the guest list. It is quite near theTheaterhaus.

    all the best,

    Joker Nies

  2. Sorry, no Hamburg on this trip — maybe next time! Thanks for the invite, Joker, but I go to 10PM and then have to get up tomorrow at 4:30 to make my flight out, so it’s straight to bed!

  3. Serves me right!

    The one day I buckled down and got actual working done during actual daylight hours (and didn’t check boing-boing all day), YOU come to town … if only I had read the announcement this morning and not 2 hours before the show! No tickets left, I already called …

    Hope to see you in person sometime. Have a good time tonight, Cory!

    – HornCologne.

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