At the Lit.Cologne festival tonight in Germany


5 Responses to “At the Lit.Cologne festival tonight in Germany”

  1. cwoehrl says:

    Hey Cory,

    any chance you’ll be in Hamburg some time soon?

  2. omnichordman says:

    Damn, you´re in town I´ll miss it. I´m involved in the Nozart festival for improvised music, which is this weekend.

    You are invited to come over, I´ll put you on the guest list. It is quite near theTheaterhaus.

    all the best,

    Joker Nies

  3. Cory Doctorow says:

    Sorry, no Hamburg on this trip — maybe next time! Thanks for the invite, Joker, but I go to 10PM and then have to get up tomorrow at 4:30 to make my flight out, so it’s straight to bed!

  4. Doctor Groovey says:

    r y gng t b rdng n Grmn s y cn br th ntvs t?

  5. HornCologne says:

    Serves me right!

    The one day I buckled down and got actual working done during actual daylight hours (and didn’t check boing-boing all day), YOU come to town … if only I had read the announcement this morning and not 2 hours before the show! No tickets left, I already called …

    Hope to see you in person sometime. Have a good time tonight, Cory!

    - HornCologne.

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