Two-wheeled Nazi mine-sweeping Vadermobile

This giant, mysterious two-wheeled mine-clearing tank was taken from the Nazis by the Russians at the end of World War II. As Coop notes, "We have achieved total Hell Yeah. It looks like the car Darth Vader drove to high school." Link (Thanks, Coop!)


  1. Leave it to the Nazis to create a friendly tank that doesn’t inherently scare the shit out of you.

  2. Awesome!!!

    What’s amazing is that while the Nazi regime was horrible, they still were able to make advancements in science and technology that are still used today!

  3. Clearly not true…Anakin Skywalker was still the Podracing Drag fiend in High School. This is Darth MAUL’s High School wheels.

  4. How ethical a society is has nothing to do with how advanced it is. Guns, Germs and Steel and of course the force…

  5. Say what you will about the evils of the Nazi regime, but those guys had the aesthetics of power down.

    Best vehicle ever.

  6. Needs some external speakers to blast the Imperial March or, alternately, “Iron Man.”

  7. Life imitates art? NO!

    The cool-looking imperial hardware in the Star Wars films is so clearly inspired by Nazi-tech that this new mine-tank thingie’s Vaderness should come as no surprise.

  8. This vehicle has 3 wheels, not 2. The third wheel is simply obscured in this photo. Sorry if that makes it less cool.

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