Meet the beetle

Like God, I also have an inordinate fondness for beetles, especially when they are as shiny and dapper as this industrious fellow making his way up the trail to the Vanalden Cave in Tarzana, Calif. Link to full-size photo

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  1. I’m no entomologist, I just have a penchant for bugs and massive compound names, but that looks like an especially handsome Darkling beetle of the Tenebrionidae.

    They’re neat!

  2. Does flickr require an account just to view photos now? I’m used to the safe search screen, but now I can’t get in at all.

  3. once two of the meal worms i feed to my leopard gecko survived long enough to become beetles. once i noticed their hideout under some gecko furniture I gave them a full pardon and released them. seemed the decent thing to do.

  4. I like dung beetles. They don’t waste; they eat it! Badum-ching! I’ll be here all week. Please try the steak…

  5. Cpt. Tim: One time some friends with mealworm eating pets managed to lose one of the super-giant mealworms without noticing. Some time later I found a big black beetle trundling around my kitchen.

    The super-giant worms aren’t even supposed to be able to mature. The world needs more impossible mutants. I took it outside and let it fly away.

  6. Beetles in my carpet
    under my feet
    they come out when they eat
    Beetles in my carpet
    under my feet
    they come out when they eat
    Beetles in my carpet
    under my feet
    they come out when they eat

    Richard D. James would Agree.
    /I think

  7. It looks like you kicked sand on him like some beach bully.

    /I’ll bet he’s going to the comic store to buy tiny beetle comics just for the “Become a He-Beetle” ads.

  8. omfg, the vanalden cave! as a teen, me and my friends did SO MANY drugs up there. careful not to fall through that big-ass, dangerous hole in the top!

  9. Ladybugs are beatles. So are both German (small) and American (huge) cockroaches. My two NYC cats means that we never see live roaches ’round here, but cats being so proud, they drop dead things in their path, thus I praise the invention of the Dyson rechargeable hand-held vacuum cleaner. No, wait, then the roach is still there in the cyclonic bag-free collector.

    Ugh, no, I actually praise box-packing tape and garbage men (“sanitation engineers”). It’s funny since down in our doorman lobby, there is an extermination sign-up list, and roaches seem to infest certain apartments over and over again, like recurrent cancer.

    Mice are different. Rats can’t climb up on the upper floors of buildings in Manhattan, but mice can and do. Here is a video of my black cat eating one, leaving a broken tail behind. Oh thank god, I can’t find the video, just a still which leaves out how she licked it for an hour before eating it in one minutes, from head to tail:

    But what about the beetles that live in our eyebrows, keeping them free of dandruff?

    Are they cool too?

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