Diesel Sweeties collections under Creative Commons

Debcha sez, "Rstevens just announced that he'll be releasing the entire archive of Diesel Sweeties as a series of PDFs, under a Creative Commons license."

By my calculations, DS is going to hit 2000 comics in a little under two months. ...I'd like to celebrate by releasing the entire webcomic archive for free in ten volumes. It worked for Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead -- - not bad company to try and keep!
Link (Thanks, Debcha!)


  1. My favourite webcomic on the spearhead.
    If any of you BB readers haven’t seen Diesel Sweeties yet – now’s the time!

  2. Good LORD, you’re up-to-the-minute. The first PDF goes up this week, any volunteers who want to post them to trackers can email me to be on the pre-release list! ( clango at dieselsweeties.com )

  3. All hail the Poopmonster! Bow B4 his 7334 sweetness! You in the back: I didn’t get a w00t outta that guy for the 2nd greatest R. in comics. (Sorry, Richard, you’re still entirely too well-adjusted to beat Crumb. Keep eating lead flakes to increase your derangement.)

  4. I registered here simply to wonder/complain that when I clicked the link in Firefox I was redirected to a tramadol spam domain… and IE worked perfectly.

    In the time it took me to register, the problem seems to have resolved itself.

    So I’m commenting here simply because I was bound and determined to do so in the first place. Thank you. :p

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