Canada's DMCA: unnecessary, ill-starred and doomed


4 Responses to “Canada's DMCA: unnecessary, ill-starred and doomed”

  1. Agent 86 says:

    This whole Canadian copyright bit is starting to feel like battling the hydra.

  2. Takuan says:

    just more willful vandalism on the way out. Canada, like America at the moment, is in the process of tossing out criminal government. It is the same dynamic anywhere; the scoundrels and thieves hear the burglar alarm ringing and jam as much into their pockets as will fit and urinate on the furniture before running out the door. The DRM mess will be cleaned up later – at great expense.

  3. RMS says:

    Charlie Angus’s article is blistering, but not strong. It speaks
    repeatedly about “obligations” under the WIPO Copyright Treaty; but
    there is no need to fulfull any such “obligations”, because Canada
    should not sign this treaty in the first place. No country should.

    It’s true that the treaty doesn’t go as far as the DMCA, but it is
    nonetheless bad. (One must expect this from the organization which
    popularized the propaganda term “intellectual property”; see Where the DMCA forbids
    all distribution of free software to break DRM (Digital Restrictions
    Management), the treaty forbids only commercial distribution. That is
    still wrong.

    DRM is typically imposed on the public by a conspiracy of companies
    intended to restrict the technology available to the public. Instead
    of supporting these conspiracies with the WIPO Copyright Treaty, it
    should make such conspiracy a crime.

  4. absimiliard says:

    I agree Agent 86. It’s definitely fighting the hydra.

    I suggest we go with an Herculean solution, chop off Jim Prentice’s head and burn the stump with a torch.

    (filling his mouth with holy wafers and salt and sewing it shut before quartering his body and burying the parts, with a stake through his heart, would probably be a good idea too . . . . just in case.)


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