Most excellent Spitzer-related media gaffe: CNN

I have nothing to add to this excellent sentence:
CNN apologized today for getting on-air analysis of Gov. Spitzer's legal options from a former U.S. Attorney who resigned after being accused of biting a stripper.
Link (via For Your Entertainment, Thanks, Mark Frauenfelder!)


  1. The headline on this morning was: “Source: Spitzer used used call girls 8 times”. Pure typoing gold.

  2. a reporter on 1010winz news freudian slipped on tuesday morning with the sentence
    “It’s been a BITCHY day here in Albany” instead of “It’s been a busy……..”

    all ’bout da bitches…

  3. Hate Fox all you want, at least they never put this:
    As their front page. (A list of articles about Obama’s primary victories interspersed between an article about election violence in Kenya (with pic) and an article about Michael Vick’s dogs. Pure, unadulterated race-baiting.

    I didn’t shop that image, I merely recorded it.

    Viacom & al have it out for Spitzer, which is why there has been a concerted effort on all of their outlets to push him to resign. They replayed quotes from Letterman backing this up all through the morning traffic reports on both of their stations. What bothers the ever-living shit out of me is that they aren’t challenged from any other sentry.

  4. Oh come on. A stripper and a prostitute are not the same thing. A GROSS generalization. Last time I checked, stripping is not illegal (in most states).


    You are correct that seeing a stripper is not illegal, though perhaps inappropriate for high-ranking a government official. Biting a stripper, however, is both illegal and inappropriate, and that is the relevant detail here.

  6. Obviously soliciting a prostitute, bullying wall street, telling CEOS that he would destroy them and using law enforcement against rival candidates had nothing to do with it. The man is a saint because Rupert Murdoch’s flaming eye has turned to him.
    Perfect end to his power-grabbing Ted Haggard-ish career.
    You wanna talk conspiracy, look up Don Siegelman.

  7. aw was the big bad man bullying poor widdle wall street? and those helpless little CEOs, was he scawy to them?

    half those things are not really something that turns me against him.

    betraying his wife/being a dumbass, yes

  8. Interesting link/thanks tagline.

    “Thanks, person responsible for how the blog even operates!”

    Umm, yeah?

  9. @5: You are seeing what you want to see. The fact that those 3 stories are on the same page means as much as the fact that Djokovic winning the Australian Open is on that page too.

    The U.S. satellite is headed to Earth! Christian Brando died! A woman’s life was transformed after dropping 110 pounds! Nice race-baiting CNN!\

    Hate CNN all you want, but at least they never put links to The O’Reilly Factor on their front page.

    And by the way, would “having it out for Spitzer” be anything like what was done to Bill Clinton? Oh, and he DIDN’T GIVE MONEY TO AN ILLEGAL BUSINESS WHILE IN CHARGE OF THE POLICE FORCE! It doesn’t matter what vendetta people had against him, he did this to himself, and he deserves to be run out of town.

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