Verizon teaming up with P2P companies, Yale, to make file-sharing faster

Verizon is working with Yale researchers and a consortium of P2P companies to produce systems that make P2P file-sharing faster by redesigning the software to prefer peers in the same city, drastically reducing the cost to ISPs of customers' P2P traffic.
In a traditional P2P network, if a Verizon customer downloads a file, only 6.3 percent of the data will come from another Verizon customer in the same city, said Doug Pasko, senior technologist at the company. In the "P4P" trial, 58 percent of the data came from nearby Verizon users, vastly reducing the company's cost of carrying the traffic.

Levitan said the technology might be ready for use by next month, when NBC makes available free downloads of its TV shows using Pando's software. The shows will be financed by advertising, and P2P technology will be an essential way for NBC to cut costs. Distributing an hourlong TV show in high definition using traditional delivery systems would cost the network about $1. With P2P technology, that cost can be cut by 75 to 90 percent.

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  1. I like it, but I want to see how they ran the numbers for

    “Distributing an hourlong TV show in high definition using traditional delivery systems would cost the network about $1”

    Also, will this tech make it easier for you to be identified/monitored by the **AA? I have no plans on making their life easier, especially if this new P2P is not helping make MY life easier.

  2. Which can also be read as “Verizon is teaming up with Yale to design P2P technology that stays inside their network, dramatically reducing the amount of money they have to pay to other networks for traffic across those networks, and building towards yet another walled garden scenario where they are the gatekeepers and can suppress P2P traffic that doesn’t play ball.”

  3. As long as this is an innocuous attempt, cool.

    If Verizon is doing this to make things cheaper for themselves, who cares? If they don’t end up restricting people on networks that don’t “play ball” and just greatly prefer people that are on their own network, more power to them. But don’t do it at the cost of speed either.

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  5. Zenhammond, scroll down a few more posts to see the entry slamming Verizon for censoring IMs. Happy?

  6. Zen (and that’s a steaming pile of irony) Hammond,

    You have a long history of accusatory comments against the BBers. If you’re so offended, why are you here?

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  8. In this case, my snarky comment aims to stir up enough dust to actually hear from Boing Boing on how they feel about taking Verizon’s money.

    Issues related to sponsorship and content have been discussed repeatedly. Tedious carping does not equal snark.

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  10. This happens when I hear from somebody from Boing Boing.

    Yeah, I usually attack people on their blogs when I want to start a dialog with them. That works really well.

  11. Zen Hammond’s been skating on thin ice for some time now. He’s loud and boring, and he’s chiefly interested in harassing the boingers into paying attention to him.

    No more. That’s quite enough.

  12. (*yawn*)

    You just keep thinkin’, Klokwerk. That’s what you’re good at.

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