Xeni on G4's AOTS re: Tibet and China's 'net blackout

I'll be a guest on G4 TV's "Attack of the Show" today, for a discussion about the blocking of YouTube, Google News, and other sites (including Boing Boing) in China in the wake of recent violence in Tibet. Link. Update: video's online, embedded above.


  1. Great to see you speaking about Tibet and Tibetan people on AOTS as well as what is going on there. Indeed, long time coming and now it is time for the world to stand up to China and stop the occupation of Tibet.

  2. Good for you. What’s been going on in Tibet since the mid-fifties is a real tragedy.

  3. Spread the word. How much of the internet can the PRC block? If the rest of the world goes dark to China’s internet readers in protest, this could be a really effective means of protest.

    I know a bit about the leaders of Chinese government from studying history and current events. Loosing face in the eyes of the rest of the world, and being laughed fills them with rage. They’re insecure, and can’t really handle criticism. And god knows they crave respectability and recognition on the world stage.

    So it’s up to the rest of the world to shame them. They deserve it.

    As for the “oh, but the US is bad too” crowd, I invite you to make mock of the US and our ‘leadership’ as often as you want. It’s one thing we’re good at accepting. Unlike the Chinese government. They’re afraid of being shamed. So afraid they’ll kill to prevent it.

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  5. Well, I suppose we should be happy that the Chinese government feels BoingBoing important enough to include in their efforts.

    Pity about all the dead people though.

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  7. Upyoursix,

    You’re a professional troll. You signed up for BB just to troll this thread. You are dead to us.

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  9. I’m sorry people are being killed, but I’m more sorry that average Tibetans are put into a situation where they felt the need to riot. The worst part is that no one is stepping in on the Tibet’s behalf, so the violence we see can only continue/get worse.

    Much respect to Tenzin Gyatso. Isn’t he the Lama who plans on being reborn as a woman?

    The US media is filled with hypocrisy, misinformation, and bias. Thank god we’re allowed to view media from other countries, to fill in the gaps of knowledge. (and thank god for the BBC!)

    That being said, you look to be trolling if you provide no links to corroborate a dissenting opinion, or if you say said opinion is a hostile tone. Quit trolling, and start engaging in civil Civil Discourse.


  10. Upyoursix, if you want people to take your arguments seriously, you’re not acting like it.

    I haven’t really been paying much attention to the Tibet story. I’m willing to believe that Xeni and/or the western news media have important details wrong. It happens — people screw up sometimes. Both bloggers and mainstream news agencies occasionally get stories wrong.

    But you haven’t made your case. You haven’t provided links to sources that back up your version of events. And to make matters worse, you started off by accusing Xeni of being a propagandist.

    (And no, those photos you linked to don’t count as sources. They show dead bodies and a damaged bus, but there’s no context. I can’t tell how the damage was done, or by who.)

  11. @upyoursix:

    If the media is getting so much wrong, how about having China let them into Tibet to clear up all these misunderstandings.

  12. kid,etc.; you are not fooling anyone here. Why not examine your position and consider coming over to the side of decency,humanity and honour? We don’t pay anything but you can sleep at night.

  13. Kid,

    First, get my name right.

    Second – A lot of times people speak up when they cannot tolerate anymore. Then he should stop acting like a dick if he’s so sincere and concerned. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that there’s a good reason that you are unable to differentiate between a sincere post and a troll post. Tone matters in trolling. His tone is deliberately designed to offend.

  14. Attend me momentarily. Have I impressed you with my lack of judgement and inexperience? Is my hallmark callowness? Trolls are innocent,obnoxious,but innocent.They wreak their harm solely in the name of their own egos. There are worse things than trolls.

  15. I have my reasons. A little research on the particular subject at hand can be quite informative.

  16. That was surely a troll.

    Did anyone notice that the scenario he laid down so firmly in his first message was not only fraudulent — propaganda indeed — but something he could not have arrived at just by collating media reports?

    Kid, your message has been suspended (not disemvowelled) for its sheer disingenuousness, and for one other characteristic error which I won’t identify because I want you to make it again if you come back here under another name.


    Guys, I don’t think we’re getting astroturfed by the Chinese. I think this is a domestic product.

    The Chinese lit into the Tibetans three days after Bush ill-advisedly took China off the human rights blacklist. That was blatant. China owns a huge amount of our debt, and right now the U.S. financial markets are frighteningly unstable because Bush and his cronies, supporters, and beneficiaries have gnawed the economy hollow. They’re trying desperately to hold off the collapse until Bush is out of office, or at least until after the elections.

    General public indignation on behalf of the Tibetans would be so very inconvenient at this moment.

  17. On third thought, maybe it is the Chinese. Bush & Co. are stretched pretty thin at the moment.

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