Untooned Homer and real world Mario

Realmario Realhomer
I find Pixelo''s "Super Real Mario World" and "Homer Simpson Untooned" to be delightfully unsettling. Link


  1. It’s a cute idea, but the entire point of caricature is that both disproportionate and abstract at the same time.

    Break one, you expose the other, so any detailed cartoon character is going to look weird. It’s the same trick the Ren & Stimpy cartoons used to use with their “gross out” shots.

  2. these keep getting better and better. i saw mario last week, and he’s kind of grown on me. homer’s going to take longer to get used to, though…

  3. Mario looks like the janitor at my school that was fired for looking down girl’s shirts.

    That ear is obscene.

  4. Creepy? Yes. Interesting? Nope.

    They don’t deserve the blog coverage they’ve been getting. Form-wise, they’re the Mario and Homer we see all over– it’s just a texturing gag, and an ugly one at that.

  5. Creepy? Yes. Interesting? Yes.

    I’m really disappointed in some of the reactions I’ve seen here lately as to artistic expression.

    Why creepy? The EvPsych explanation would be because they signify disease. For the same reason that children tend to reject playmates who are perceived to be genetically defective. Or women tend to choose men with symmetrical features (asymmetry indicates genetic abnormality).

  6. Let’s face it, Mario looks like a pervert.

    On the other hand, middle-aged men with uncanny huge eyes, a cap to hide them and a moustache can give that impression I guess.

  7. Jessica Rabbit is hot. Woof! But generally I like my animations less un-tooned. Takuan, I think my gut-response is that I shouldn’t be attracted to fantasy art. I tell myself that only real humans should make me look and wonder about sex.

  8. Mario looks pretty good, though I think his skin tone is a bit off. It seems unnaturally pale gray to me. Homer looks like a clay-mation character, not a person.

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