Dennis Stock's 1960s California photos

200803311617 Magnum Photos has samples of Dennis Stock's stunning photos from his 1966-67 trip through California. Link | Stock's book: Made in the USA (Via NotCot)


  1. What a coincidence. I’ve been ripping my DVD collection to MP4/H.264 and just ripped the first three Planet of the Apes movies over the weekend.

  2. wow, i love love LOVE all the planet of the apes pix. any idea how to buy a high-res version? i REALLY want a copy that one where they are hanging outside the studio next to that go-go girls sign.

    oh, and hippie berkeley girl? in case you don’t realize it, there’s a FILTHY, DISEASE-RIDDEN RACCOON on your head…!

  3. There’s some naked kids in there. If he took those pictures today, he would be behind bars.

    History is strange. We’re going backwards.

  4. I wonder what the back story is on the guy holding the baby with a sign looking for a mother!?!?

  5. Cool! How much does it cost for me to advertise my stock gallery on BoingBoing? Are you posting rates? Or is this still a bribe-the-blogger type of thing. I’m glad to see at least one blog supporting the old fashioned value of having bits belong to the original creator!

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