Fuji makes you sign bizarre EULA to buy a camera

Edie sez, "I'm in the market for a digital SLR, and found something rather disturbing. B&H Photo says that to purchase a Fujifilm IS-1 camera, you must fill out an end user license agreement. Even weirder is the EULA itself: It asks what 'legitimate business purpose' (their words, not mine) the camera will be put to. Additionally, if the camera is sold, lost or transfered, you have to notify Fujifilm. WTF BBQ?"

Apparently, this is one of those infrared see-through-clothes cameras, but I'm with Edie, WTF?

(1) Is End User purchasing a Fujifilm Infrared or Ultraviolet Sensitive Digital Camera for a legitimate business purpose? _______
(2) How long has End User been engaged in his/her profession or business? _________
(3) Please state End User’s legitimate business purpose?________________________________________________
(4) Has End User presented reseller with recognized forms or identification for End User and End User’s business? ___________
(5) Has End User provided reseller with copies of forms of identification presented in connection with (3), above? ____________
(6) Was End User Questionnaire completed at a business location of a Pro Digital Camera Authorized Reseller? ______________
(7) Please provide the business address where End User will pick up the camera listed below_________________________

By signing this End User Questionnaire, End User certifies that (1) the subject camera is being purchased by End User for the above stated legitimate business purpose, (2) End User will make its best efforts to safeguard the camera from being used by others, and (3) in the event End User transfers the camera or the camera is lost, stolen or is otherwise no longer in End User’s possession, End User will immediately notify Fujifilm of such event.

Link (Thanks, Edie!)