Crazy kids fashion photo from 1928

From Yeuhd's Picasa gallery, an illustrated history of the Psi Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Robert Koehring, David Flambeau, Edward Ziese, Robert B. Sullivan, and Genaro Florez were at the height of college fashion in their raccoon coats in front of the Theta Chi House, 1928-29. Link


  1. I gotta wonder what the deal was with the raccoon coats. You only saw college kids wearing them. With the overpopulation of the nasty little buggers in many places, you’d think we could get PeTA to STFU and bring this fad back for a few years.

  2. such a strange thing, fashion. a coat that really makes you look like a rustic trapper, is blended with a straw hat sporting a red band, and — voila! you’re a collegiate dandy!

  3. 1928-29

    Right before their rich daddies all went bankrupt in the stock market crash. I’ll bet they were all selling apples on street corners in 1929-30.

  4. well, those coats (if not taken for debts) would provide warmth on those cold wisconsin street corners while hawking apples …

  5. I wonder if this look was considered cool back in ’28, or if we’re really looking at a picture of a bunch of dorks.

  6. I always wondered what rich college kids looked like before the advent of plastic surgery.

  7. The reason raccoon coats were in vogue during this time is because in the previous generation and the generation before, buffalo coats were all the rage. As we all know, by the time these guys came of age, buffalo were pretty much extinct. Raccoon was the next best thing. So, yes, this is cute and funny and amazing to see what guys were wearing back then, but you can also look at it from the POV that they are wearing a symbol of species extinction and the complete and utter destruction of the Great Plains.

  8. What are the odds…
    I was curious if any of these names provided more info via a google search… not to say if these are correct or even the same men, but 3 out of 5 seem to be doctors or associated with a hospital.
    I then followed the above link to the other photos, and was surprised to see this:

    Punk rocker Wendy O. Williams, Dream Girl of Theta Chi 1984.

    Not to mention that one of their frat parties was written up in a 1957 Playboy too.

    sounds like a real party frat house! :)

  9. This irritating ‘submissions error’ thing has been popping up for two days.

    My father had a coat like these and he was an apprentice auto mechanic, so it wasn’t just a college thing: it was a youth thing. Think hoodies and baggies.

  10. had one of those given to me a little while ago. Surprisingly heavy and very warm. Handed it off to someone living in a colder place. Ethics,environment and esthetic aside, there really is nothing like fur.

  11. funny, the comments on appearance remind me of how a singer used to have to have a voice above all — before MTV.

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