Space Mountain fan-poster

Greg Maletic's added another poster to his collection of wonderful fan-made attraction art for Disneyland rides; this one's for Space Mountain. Link

See also: Fan-made Disneyland attraction posters (Thanks, Greg!)


  1. I almost fell out of that ride when I was 7. That poster is amazing, though — makes me feel like all ads should limit themselves to four colors or so.

  2. Welcome, to the WORLD OF TOMORROW!

    Coolest Space-Coaster ever, it is always the first and last ride I visit.

  3. they were putting the finishing touches on this ride when i was a senior in h.s. as i lived nearby, i had many friends who worked there and was able to score many free passes to the park. one evening a group of us took a massive dose of p.c. mushrooms and went out to enjoy the skyway ride ( nuthin like sunset from the skyway!). whilst bummin around the park (trippin balls!) we were approached by one of the disney employees who told us that they were getting ready to open space mtn. and were wondering if we would give it a try. needless to say, we spent the rest of the night ( probably about 3-4 hrs) riding as they tried to determine the ‘speed limit’ for the ride. at one point they even turned on the interior lights to check on something while we were riding! whatta rush! i’ll never forget racing my friends from the end of the ride back to the front trying to get into that very front car, err, ‘space ship’! good times, and all for free.

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