Cute elephant urinal cleaning robot

From heart yen: "Today I spotted this elephantine urinal cleaning robot that was demonstrated at the Kobe International Airport. Don’t you think the little yellow hat on top of this “labor-saving” 100kg (220lb) robot is precious?" Link


  1. Who knew there were elephant urinals.

    But it stands to reason that they’d need to be cleaned.

  2. if banksy can be persuaded to paint it up in traditional wallpaper colours, we can then get PETA to demand the release of the abused urinal elephant.

  3. Where’s the picture of the robot that cleans/empties the pee from the elepant robot? Is it shaped like a little monkey with a mop?

  4. If bOING bOING were a game of darts, this post would constitute a hit within a Planck Length of the exact center.

    De. Light. Ful!!!!

  5. #5: After the Morlocks who lived under Teletubby Land boiled out of their lairs to feast on their overworld oppressors, Noonoo made his way to London and ekes out a living as a highly specialized sex worker.

    Hey. You asked.

  6. I hope this catches on. That way the women won’t have to get right up near the urinal while they’re cleaning it. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to having a Japanese woman wiping down the one right next to me while I’m peeing. I lived in Japan for a few years and I still travel there fairly often and it continues to weird me out. It doesn’t seem right to have a woman just inches from my man-bits during that private time but it is very common.

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