Cute elephant urinal cleaning robot


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  1. doplgangr says:

    max rebo has fallen on hard times.

  2. JIMWICh says:

    If bOING bOING were a game of darts, this post would constitute a hit within a Planck Length of the exact center.

    De. Light. Ful!!!!

  3. Stefan Jones says:

    #5: After the Morlocks who lived under Teletubby Land boiled out of their lairs to feast on their overworld oppressors, Noonoo made his way to London and ekes out a living as a highly specialized sex worker.

    Hey. You asked.

  4. Moon says:

    BABAR has really degenerated. One day a king, the next cleaning urinals.

  5. KidDork says:

    Does it poop urinal cakes? Because it really should.

  6. typetive says:

    Who knew there were elephant urinals.

    But it stands to reason that they’d need to be cleaned.

  7. ggm says:

    if banksy can be persuaded to paint it up in traditional wallpaper colours, we can then get PETA to demand the release of the abused urinal elephant.

  8. mediatinker says:

    Does anyone else see what I see when you turn the elephant upside down?

  9. w000t says:

    Wouldn’t it save a step if they made a robot we could pee into?

  10. License Farm says:

    Whatever has become of The Noonoo?

  11. doplgangr says:

    that was probably the only way they could get that little girl to take that job.

  12. Moon says:

    It’s a sick person who see penises in everything, MEDIATINKER.


  13. ReidFleming says:

    I hope this catches on. That way the women won’t have to get right up near the urinal while they’re cleaning it. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to having a Japanese woman wiping down the one right next to me while I’m peeing. I lived in Japan for a few years and I still travel there fairly often and it continues to weird me out. It doesn’t seem right to have a woman just inches from my man-bits during that private time but it is very common.

  14. Taro says:

    Greetings to all you aliens from Boing2!
    I’m Taro 3Yen.comZo-chan–elephantine urinal robot and I’m always glad to amuse you all with the True robot nature of Japan.

  15. George Curious says:

    Where’s the picture of the robot that cleans/empties the pee from the elepant robot? Is it shaped like a little monkey with a mop?

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