Voice-changing Dalek helmet

The voice-changing Dalek helmet looks like it would be a lot of fun -- hey, hon, let's play stern Dalek and recalcitrant Time Lord! Link (via Gizmodo)


  1. At first, I read it as vote-changing Dalek helmet, which would have been even more interesting.

  2. Dr. who toys are the best. Some friends and myself reularly spend our free time wearing Cybermen helmets.

    Also, i, uh, may have seen some dalek video on fleshbot a few weeks back. A simple search on their site may turn up something for those interested.

  3. hmmm, som large black plastic corrugated drain pipe, a few pill vials, a super blue LED, the right salad bowl,some spray paint … yep , Buildable!


    Doctor ‘Do’ aside, I want one of these. I am so utterly in love with the show it’s shameful.

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