French bulldog gets so excited over new brother, she spins in circles across the room (video)

When Gigi, a 3-year-old French bulldog, met her 8-week-old brother named Bentley for the first time, she did what most curious dogs do and gave the young English bulldog some good long sniffs.

Once the little pup passed the sniff test, Gigi then assessed the newcomer with some gentle rough-housing, and yep, she immediately approved.

That's when the Frenchie was hit with a wave of excitement, which revved her up like a wind-up toy. In fact, she began to spin in circles — at least nine pirouettes — twirling across the room like an excited ballerina. Looks like the new sibling is a smash hit. (See video below, posted by via ParadePets.)

i was SO neevous for gigi to meet bentley but she LOVES him so much 😭😭🩷 #newpuppy #englishbulldog #englishbulldogpuppy #frenchies

♬ youre so cute – averyyyy

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