Video shows idiots using bear cubs as selfie props

A deeply disturbing video has gone viral showing a group of morons in North Carolina reaching into a tree to pull out bear cubs, just to take some stupid selfie photos. The footage is absolutely outrageous.

In the clip, you can see "roughly six people" wrestling the bear cubs out of the tree where their mother had stashed them for safety. One woman is even caught on camera holding up a cub to pose for a pic with it squirming in her grasp. She then drops the terrified cub, which tries to flee as voices express shock. "Did she just drop it? Oh my gosh it's running, the poor little thing," someone says.

A biologist from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission arrived to find only one remaining cub, who was "very wet and cold." As the expert Ashley Hobbs explained to the BBC, "We do think that the bear probably had a pretty traumatic experience. There were risks in separating a cub from its mom, especially ripped from a tree like that."

The group's actions were beyond idiotic and potentially deadly for the cubs. "We let them know how irresponsible and potentially deadly it could be for that cub to be separated from its mom," Hobbs stated. TL;DR: Using innocent bear cubs as living selfie props is sickening behavior from some true degenerates.

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