Chile photos from Bob Harris: Pudu, Dibs, and odd Jeopardy questions


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  1. revstone says:

    kiint – that ice cream photo you posted made me think of a menu i saw in chile a couple weeks ago, description of a section on the menu was “ready to loosen moorings”


  2. Mike says:

    Pudu pudu? Bantha poodoo.

  3. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    ‘s lik a munjkac.

  4. dunnright says:

    What is the point of this post?!?

    sorry… just keeping the meme alive!

  5. Dustin Driver says:

    Cute overload!

  6. kiint says:

    that ice cream ad reminded of this one I snapped in Australia

  7. Freddie Freelance says:

    Ice Cream Bukkake!

  8. satman says:

    LOL. Been reading Bob’s blog longer that I’ve been at BB. He also guest posts on This Modern world blog by Tom Tomorrow :

    good stuff, quite the brain.

  9. thievedrelic says:

    i think the dibs artwork must be targeted towards a more cultured gas-station class; it is clearly a bastardization of dali’s ‘galatea of the spheres’. or it could be, with a little imagination~

  10. mano negra says:

    Shit, if I knew you wanted street photos of Chile, I’d be sending mine in.

    Here’s one contribution: a Chilean newspaper article about Hillary and Obama. Careful, Americans, you might get culture shock.

  11. satman says:

    I just went to the link I posted earlier and read this….

    going to call a few friends now…

    thanks, Bob.

  12. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    Off topic I know but,are we aware that Albert Hoffman passed away yesterday(102).Go into the light.

  13. Wareq says:

    #22: Fail for taking La Cuarta seriously. You might as well take The Sun to be the vanguard of the British press.

    One time in Castro I actually saw a pudu in somebody’s backyard. This was in the middle of a town of more than 25000 people, mind you. I hope it got taken to Fernando’s place.

  14. juanz says:

    pudu pudu… it is a very fun name
    when you start you can not stop to say it! |o|

  15. OCT says:

    About the article of the chilean newspaper…
    That newspaper is well known for its sarcatic and vulgar style. So, dont worry it doesn´t represent the way that chileans see the UA elections.

    P.D: I live in Chile and I´m an AMERICAN TOO

  16. Sparrowhawk says:

    So, anyone know the answer about the Mediterranean “pagan” custom?

  17. pabloortuzar says:

    Hey teh both translations are ok.
    I live in Chile, so ask anything about pudus and stuff.

    btw,i hate those ice creams.

  18. jrtom says:

    #7, Antinous: Not bad, but I still think it’s Gorilla
    gorilla gorilla
    FTW. :)

  19. farmfoodie says:

    I’d put my money on some Minoan era Cycladic (Cretans, perhaps?) girls. They went around in cutaways that left their ta-tas out in the open air.

  20. Antinous says:

    pudu pudu, perhaps the most fun to say of all species names

    I’ve always been partial to Nycticorax nycticorax, myself.

  21. License Farm says:

    Sorry to harp on this one aspect, but the Dibs photo reminded me of this recent Onion story.

  22. catbeller says:

    So, who were the girls who went on the rooftop to enhance their upper frontalities?

  23. noen says:

    I see that rule #34 is at work once again.

  24. Barren says:

    Since we’re discussing small deer-like animals, I feel compelled to mention the dik-dik. We saw a couple of them in Tanzania last summer. They’re named for the sound the animals make when alarmed.

  25. brandihendrix says:

    That dibs ad is ice cream innuendo.

  26. Agent 86 says:

    Who do the voodoo that Pudu so well?

  27. HoppyChris says:

    Who were the lesbians?

    That would be my (likely wrong) jeopardy guess.

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