Chile photos from Bob Harris: Pudu, Dibs, and odd Jeopardy questions

Bob Harris, author of an amazing book about his experiences on Jeopardy! called Prisoner of Trebekistan: A Decade in Jeopardy!, returned from Chile and emailed a bunch on interesting photos to his friends. He kindly gave me permission to post a few of them on Boing Boing. (Click on thumbnails for enlargement).
200804291704.jpg 200804291650.jpg

There are two species of pudu, Northern Pudu (pudu mephistopheles) and Southern Pudu (pudu pudu). These are pics of pudu pudu, perhaps the most fun to say of all species names.

Pudu are the smallest deer species on earth. (There are smaller critters that look deeroid, but they're not.)

It's the mascot of my own site,, which has a Friday pudublogging section where most weeks I post a new pudu pic that I've either taken myself or received from readers.

A student at Purdue once tried to start a movement to change the school mascot from the boilermaker to the pudu, so they would be the Purdue Pudus. This did not succeed.

200804291646.jpg 200804291649.jpg These pudus have been hit by cars or wrongly adopted as pets, so without Fernando, they probably wouldn't have survived. When people in these parts hear of such things, they bring the pudus to Fernando's hideaway, where they live out their days with space, safety, food, and comfort. Sometimes they even make babies.

200804291652.jpg Dibs -- your new way to eat ice cream.

You mean, all over that woman's face and neck, while she passively mimes pleasure as the ice cream pelts her at high velocity?

Yes, this would be new. Usually I just use a spoon.

200804291654.jpg And our Final Jeopardy clue today is:

These Mediterranean girls had the custom of going up nude on the roof so the influence of the moon would increase the size of their breasts.

Clearly, I have been playing Jeopardy! in the wrong country entirely. Unfortunately, none of the contestants gives the correct response.

I'm 95% sure on my translation, but I can't swear to it. My Spanish is not yet fluent.


  1. pudu pudu, perhaps the most fun to say of all species names

    I’ve always been partial to Nycticorax nycticorax, myself.

  2. Off topic I know but,are we aware that Albert Hoffman passed away yesterday(102).Go into the light.

  3. Hey teh both translations are ok.
    I live in Chile, so ask anything about pudus and stuff.

    btw,i hate those ice creams.

  4. i think the dibs artwork must be targeted towards a more cultured gas-station class; it is clearly a bastardization of dali’s ‘galatea of the spheres’. or it could be, with a little imagination~

  5. About the article of the chilean newspaper…
    That newspaper is well known for its sarcatic and vulgar style. So, dont worry it doesn´t represent the way that chileans see the UA elections.

    P.D: I live in Chile and I´m an AMERICAN TOO

  6. #22: Fail for taking La Cuarta seriously. You might as well take The Sun to be the vanguard of the British press.

    One time in Castro I actually saw a pudu in somebody’s backyard. This was in the middle of a town of more than 25000 people, mind you. I hope it got taken to Fernando’s place.

  7. I’d put my money on some Minoan era Cycladic (Cretans, perhaps?) girls. They went around in cutaways that left their ta-tas out in the open air.

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