Frozen Han in carbonite ice-mold

I'm skeptical about a "talking R2D2 ice bucket," but I'm utterly sold by the fact that it comes with a Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite ice-cube mold! Now that'd be a classy cocktail! Link (via OhGizmo)


  1. Wow, I so don’t want the ice bucket, but I bet I could use the Han mold for chocolate! And I could gold-dust it before putting the chocolate in, to give it that metallic appearance…oh well, they’re probably too small.

  2. I guess you’re limited to highballs, either that or brake poor Han in half. Torrance, it was Luke that had his boots frozen to an ice cave ceiling on Hoth.

  3. Especially since none of the sites give a size for either of these things. Damn it. If the ice tray is the size of a normal one, you’d have to bust them up to put them in the bucket. If they’re small enough for the bucket it’s going to take an AWFULLY long time to make enough ice, four cubes at a time!

  4. Torrance, I always watch the first half hour of Empire, then ditch it until the end, just so I laugh at Luke. Ha ha ha, you have a worse father than me!

  5. Did any of you follow the link?

    “Manufacturer’s Description
    This is a great wall clock for any girls bedroom, featuring Hannah Montanna. The lenticular face changes as you move round the room”

  6. this isn’t the final product. it’s a photoshop hack job of a real screen used artoo.

    who know how big the final thing will be or if the “cubes” will fit or not.

    i’m gonna wait for the production photos before i drop any money.

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